a problem with North American people…?

Just to make sure that by North American people I mean people from United States and Canada (especially in cities)
With all due respect consider the following:
I am not a born Canadian (since I am from Pakistan) but I have been living in this country for at least five years. Why do not North American people mind their own business.
1) I work as a Security Guard at parking place. I was walking on the sidewalk for a minute to check if people have their parking permits for handicapped parking. Some lady came to me and said (while smiling), Aren’t you supposed to be there controlling cars?
2) A friend of mine was talking on a phone for a minute. A guy came and said (while smiling), Hey, watch out! You will run out of batteries
3) I was working and there was cold strong wind. I could barely open my eyes because of wind. A guy in the black glasses walked buy and said (while smiling), Don’t sleep in your job
There are alot more examples like that.

Not all North American people do this. I don’t. I think it’s kind of rude. It doesn’t sound friendly to me or joking. I like talking to strangers but not if they are going to be on the verge of being insulting and not if they aren’t going to show any sensitivity. I’m glad that you are here. I like that the U.S. is diverse in cultures.

I think your best bet is to just smile and continue on your business. They aren’t your boss. They don’t know what you are supposed to be doing and what you are doing. If they are insistent you could just say, I appreciate you sharing your concern with me and I will bring it up to my manager. I can’t promise anything. I don’t make the rules or whatever.

Youre taking things way too seriously. Its called striking up a conversation. I could understand you being offended if someone said something rude, but none of that is rude. They could have been joking. Lighten up.

Environment of any kind is everyone’s business,so mind your own business.Think about this answer, and you will see the wisdom.

We’re obviously more friendly than yourself.

p.s don’t lump all north americans in the same catagory. that’s just ignorant

I definitly agree that people should mind their own business. I also agree that people in big cities are nosey, unfriendly and rude.

It is just friendly small talk… get over it.

Don’t like it?! Go back to Pakistan, immediately!

believe me, WE won’t miss you, bye! bye! fool!

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