POLL:: Do you believe in God…..?

I am Buddhist and there fore do not believe in god..How about you

i belong to no religion
but i do believe in spirit form and souls

Yes, but I don’t believe that any one religion has it right. All Holy Books are man’s interpretation of what he thinks God is like. The only reason I honestly believe in God is that nature is too complex and when left alone too perfect to have just happened. Man has been trying to create life for a hundred years or more and still can’t do it without starting with a living cell. Scientist tell me that a bunch of chemicals were all mixed together in a primordial soup and lightning struck and there was life. Sounds like Frankenstein to me. I watched a movie called The Librarian and they went to Shangri-La to retrieve something and to get it they had to enter a statue. The key to the statue eas the true name of God and the answer was me. Meaning God is within us all. That is what I believe.

Yes, I believe in God.

Yes, I believe in God.

God is a Spirit , in and of himself infinite in being , glory , blessedness , and perfection : all-sufficient , eternal , unchangeable , incomprehensible , everywhere present , almighty , knowing all things , most wise , most holy , most just , most merciful and gracious , long-suffering , and abundant in goodness and truth

There is only one God . He is defined in the Bible . ‘Holy’ primarily means ’separate’ or ’set apart .’ The Hebrew word for ‘holy’ in the Bible gives the image of ‘a cutting’ like someone cutting food and separating it with a knife . He’s not in us or part of us . He is holy and separate

Yet He is not distant … God is a spirit and is not defined a &quot: He &quot: because God is male ( God is spirit and therefore is neither male nor female nor both ) but because God is portrayed as our Heavenly Father … someone of great authority and stature

Since God is holy our human efforts are futile


Overall there is only one God — an incorporeal ( no body ) spirit , supreme , personal God Almighty , the Creator

The problem with the world is rebellion against God … human nature … it is sinful , depraved and immoral … we always look to ourselves and the &quot: me &quot: generation … the answer is reconciliation to God and repentance


Also there is no moral sujectivism or relativism … there is moral objectivism and absolutism


If there were no God i would not be here! Yes I believe in God

Yes, I do. And better yet, God believes in me.

I believe in god

Yes, I believe in God and Jesus!!

I believe in God, but not the jealous, vengeful one in the Bible. I believe that God is mercyful, forgiving, and loving to all people. He doesn’t pick favorites, like He is portrayed doing in the Bible.

I’m an agnostic with buddhist principles. I believe in Karma but not in Heaven or Hell.

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