What views would you like to share on this ? Do you agree or disagree ?

Have you ever seen how two different paths that seem to be converging from a distance ? This illusion can lead the viewer to think that both these paths lead to the same destination. Only when one walks through either of these paths that one realizes that his or her initial view was an illusion. When people form a group to oppose any righteous person, they are disillusioned to think that they have a common goal. The age old saying that Enemies of a person are Friends among themselves applies only to a situation when the person in question is someone who is extremely harmful and dangerous to the society. When a person standing for a good cause is opposed by a group of people, it speaks more about the character of the people constituting that group. Definitely that group harbours all negative feelings like hatred, jealousy, anger etc against that good character they are opposing. Negative feelings are like sparks of fire which would ultimately end up burning the house from where it originated. Thus, the persons who unanimously harbour negativity against a good soul, they are only inviting their sparks of negativity to burn their own unity as a group. The fact is that when two or more persons unitedly work towards a negative purpose, they first fall in the eyes of each other and that starts eating up the so called Trust between them. Slowly and steadily this mistrust redirects all that jealousy, anger and hatred towards each other which they had initially developed and harboured for the person they were opposing. Providence always makes you taste the outcomes of the choices you make. Thus, if people choose negativity to destroy someone good, they are actually digging their own grave.

What views would you like to share on this ? Do you agree or disagree ?

Even if the intent, initially, by the group is to halt something they feel is wrong, or even if they believe that they’re on the side of the &quot:just&quot:, if the cause of what they’re fighting for eventually becomes obsolete, the fight instead becomes an endless quest to obtain victory. A stubborn resolve going nowhere….an inability to change directions.

So…. the energy that was being directed forward must have somewhere to go….all this energy was created and physically has to go some where, some direction, thus, it may turn upon the ones that fired the bullets. Just imagine energy as in a physics equation. There must be some type of explosion to decimate the force of all the built up energy that had been intended for controlling their enemy. It backfires and begins to destroy the one or ones who were fighting the supposedly good fight. This is why forgiveness of someone that’s hurt you, no matter how bad the sin was, heals the one that forgives. Otherwise, hatred eats up the hater.

yes i do agree with this however i would like to add a reality check for you which i have learned. if you expect that life is just, fair or that ‘good’ always wins in the end you are wrong. what you are suggesting intimates that in all situations a fair ending will eventually out. sometimes this happens sometimes it does not. people who unite through negativity may realise the error of their ways if they saw things your way – this will not happen. when people unite for whatever reason what an outsider may see as negativity those within the group will not. they will in fact see what they are doing as justified ie they will see good in it. awful things happen to people but what is important for you is to find your own way and not be eaten up by others actions or some belief in ‘karma’. sometimes people get what they truly deserve -the reason people do ‘bad’ things is bcos they often get away with it. if this is a personal experience you are talking about my advice is keep busy and move on don’t dwell on it cos you may be disappointed.

Yes agreed.
Negative emotions can never foster a sustaining friendship.

Yes. That is a very truth in the world.

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