how many Hillary Supporter will not vote for Obama, but vote McCain instead?

will this clinch the presidency for McCain?

Yes, there will be enough give the election to McCain. The funny thing is that if he brings Hillary on as VP, McCain will win by even more. The &quot:Dream Team&quot: would be the dems worst nightmare.

johnhdav…So, anyone who does not vote for Obama is a racist, right? The ironic thing is that you prove you are a racist with this kind of thinking. I will not vote for Obama because his policies are Carter like and idiotic. He is a fool, and he is a racist. By they way, my wife (born in the US to legal immigrants from Mexico) and my sister-in-law (born in Niger) would tell you that I am certainly not a racist, and that only a racist pig would vote FOR a racist pig like Obama.

I live in Florida. There isn’t a day that goes by that I can’t turn on the local TV or radio station call in shows and listen to a pissed off Hillary supporter who isn’t going to vote for McCain. Even if Hillary gets the VP spot they say they will still vote McCain. The DNC cost themselves this state with their decision a couple of weeks ago.

nicely, honestly, on the liberal-conservative spectrum, i might say Clinton and McCain are closer than Clinton and Obama, in spite of if Clinton and Obama help greater of the same issues. I have faith McCain greater: balloting is fairly like going right into a relationship (nonetheless i does not desire to with any of those human beings, lol): a huge area is have faith and that i purely do no longer have faith Obama.

Obama has entirely too many question marks and I think they hide the real truths about him because he wouldn’t get a vote, even so the few things that did manage to get out about him are scary and reason enough to not vote for him no matter who’s on his ticket, this individual only wants the job for personal reasons and gains and should not be elected, my vote is for his opponent no matter who it is for the good of this country////

Most of the Hilary supporters will not follow Hilary’s advice and support Barrack Obama..this could be over ten to twelve million voters who are normally Democrats but have no use for Barrack Obama..John McCain was not their first choice..for sure..but BO is never going to convince the majority of voters that he is suitable for President of the United States..sorry BO..no cigar

ME! Yes, it might tip the election. It certainly cancels out the youth vote for Obama and/or any Republican supporters of Obama.

I would, but I’m not old enough.. haha.
I know many family members around me would.
( like 20 or so )
&amp: I hope Hillary or McCain wins..

Right here! I am so sick of hearing about Obama, that I can’t listen to it for another four years. I wasn’t sure who I was going to vote for, but, with the whole daily drama of the two democrats, I’m so going the other way.

I’d rather see McCain get elected then Obama. He has no experience, goes to a wack church, and is a complete hypocrite!

ten million or more..it is because Barrack Obama is not their choice for the next president…and the Democratic party has so many issues..

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