Does every rotor and brake pad fit on every car?

I need new brakes and rotors for the from of my 2013 hyundai elentra. I have Ceramic brake pads and rotors sports edition from evolution that i never used for my 2007 chevy impala. Can i use those for my front of my hyundai?

No way. Even similar makes, models, and . years can have radically different brakes. Even if pads from your Hyundai are same square inches of the Chevy, I’ll bet a dollar they won’t fit the each other’s caliper

For one obvious difference: some rotors are for four lug wheels, other, 5: others 6: and even more.

Why should one maker make it easy for you to use some other mfgr’s parts? Many depend on selling aftermarket parts to stay in business.

Nice thought, though. I hate wasting things, too. I am stuck with some expensive new Yammer semi metallic ceramics I hate, but they wont fit anything I own But the Yammer.

edit: Don’t mess with brakes. ever, they are your life line. Will save your life And Others’ lives. Use the right parts by OEM part number or jobber.


No every car is different

Why don’t you take the front wheel off of your Hyundai, and holding the Chevrolet pads in your hand, COMPARE them! And you can do the same with the rotor. You’ll immediately SEE the answer to your question.


Go to the local auto parts store (if you are too lazy to take your wheel off) and ask to see the pads for a Hyundai and the pads for an Impala, and compare them.

The easy way is to ask somebody else. The best way is to use YOUR brain.

Hint: The pads and rotors will have different part numbers at the auto parts store. The wheels won’t interchange either.

-General automotive mechanic since 1972


No, they are not universal.

There is one easy way to find out…remove a wheel and hold up your Impala pads and rotors up next to the Elantra brakes. I’m guessing the Impala brakes will be larger simply because it was a much larger vehicle.

The other thing you could do is walk into any auto parts store and walk down the brake aisle. What do you immediately notice? Are all the pads the same part number or are there many different part numbers for many different applications?

No, they are not the same. Even if by coincidence the rotors would be the exact same diameter ( highly unlikely ), the rotor thickness, the hub shape, and bolt pattern will all be different.

Probably not. Unless by pure chance the brakes selected for the Chevrolet just happen to be identical to those on your Hyundai which is very unlikely.

If they aren’t the same but happen to fit, remember that you are modifying a very important part of the vehicle, so I would recommend you make sure you know what you are doing and get expert advice from someone in the motor trade.

They are particular to a car make and model.

Very unlikely indeed. There is a huge variation in brake components even within the same make of car.
You must use proper replacements for the Elantra. Sell your Impala brakes on Ebay.

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