Does Coca-Cola really contain cocaine?

I’ve heard that one of Coca-Cola’s ingredients comes from coca leaves… The same leaves from which cocaine is produced. Is this true?

What you’ve heard is true, an ingredient is produced from the coca leaves. However, cocaine is not used in producing coca-cola.
If memory serves me right, Coca_Cola is the only corproation in America that is allowed to use the plant or the ingredient in their process, you can bet what they do with it is tightly monitored at all times.

Coca-cola used to contain small amounts of cocaine in 30s and 40s

At one time back in the 30s and 40s cocaine was indeed an ingredient in coca-cola, It was just enough to take the edge off, not enough to get you high or hooked. When the Feds regulated cocaine that’s when they stopped using it. But back then you could buy elixirs over the counter with cocaine in them and in large amounts.

Yes some ingredients are derived from the coca leaf but this doesn’t mean that coca cola has cocaine in it. Chocolate comes from the same leaf.

Coca-cola used to contain small amounts of cocaine. This was many many years ago. The law changed that issue and it no longer contains cocaine or anything related to cocaine.

i don’t think so the cocaine contain in Coca-Cola.

I wish they still did, but they stopped a few decades ago 🙁 Just buy some and mix it with coca cola! 🙂

No it doesn’t contain cocaine, only one ingredient is from the same plant as the drug..but it is not the same as the ingredient is coccaine

I know Coca-Cola used it in the past. Im about 99.99999% sure it doesn’t anymore.

Coke as we know it does not contain cocaine. I don’t know the facts but I have heard that it used to.

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