Why do I feel this story I made up is true?

Ok so I was bored and thought up this story about the world ending. It is really pointless and everything lol, but it feels real to me. Its about how all the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesss are dying, yes dying somehow. Due to the god Set. Set and Osiris are still alive, and if Set kills Osiris somehow, then everyone on Earth dies because he is god of the dead. And all the other gods and goddesses, have one human to take their place, and be god or goddess of what they were of.
For some weird reason, this feels real to me. Do any of you feel this way too? Anyone get chills while they were reading it? Am a lunatic? Yeahp! What do you think about it?

Actually, Osiris Is god of the afterlife, set destroyed Osiris before and cut him into seven different pieces so if he killed Osiris it wouldn’t be the first time.

Once you create a story I may feel real inside of your mind, trust me it happens to me a lot!

I do it all the time when I’m writing. I get so enraptured that, as I’m writing, I think I’m a 18-year-old male vampire who’s slipping into the pits of insanity due to his new condition of vampirism.

it’s not very likely, but it is possible. it’s simply a theory you’ve thought up in your head. i’ve done it a million times on different things. since Set is the main focus, it’s very possible he planted that idea in your head

You’re getting carried away in fantasy. Come back to the here and now.

Your mind is powerful and sometimes what you make up comes true

Once you create something it exists and will *feel* real in your head.

I think your getting yourself confused.

kind of sounds like that Smallville episode….

ur not just a lunitic ur a confusing lunitic cause i didnt understand sh/it of wat that story was about.

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