Nhl team name?

If there was an NHL team in any of these cities what should there team name be.

Cleveland, Seattle, Milwaukee,Houston and Baltimore

Well, there already has been an NHL team before in Cleveland from 1976-1978, so I could just use their old name of the Cleveland Barons. That’s a pretty cool name.

Seattle has had a team in the NHL/NHA before back from 1914-1925, and they were called the Seattle Metropolitans. So I will call them that.

Milwaukee has an AHL team with a wicked name, the Milwaukee Admirals. I like them, and it would be cool if they moved to the NHL.

Houston has the Houston Aeros of the AHL. Again, pretty cool name.

Baltimore used to have the Baltimore Bandits. I always like that name &quot:Bandits&quot:. So Baltimore Bandits.

Milwaukee Nhl Team Name

Bring back the Cleveland Barons! A great competition against Columbus!

Seattle would be a great hockey town! Close to Vancouver… Just got any ideas for the name of the team…

Houston… Hockey…. Nahhh….

Baltimore would kill the Caps in Washington…

Las Vegas should have an NHL franchise… as well as Quebec City, Winnipeg and Hamilton.

Cleveland Age (if you’re drunk, you can say the person next to you at the bar &quot:Did you see that Cleavage?&quot:)

Seattle Nintendos
Milwaukee Cheeseheads
Houston Aeros
Baltimore Skipjacks

(I am kinda old school about the last two, I admit it)

Sorry to &quot:disappoint&quot: you Courtney, but the WHA (1972 – 1980) had a team in B’ham called the Bulls, they even produced a HOFer in Michel Goulet my exgirlfriend was in highschool at the time (and on the same cheerleading squad as Courtney Cox whom you may know from the show Friends)

The lamest ones to me are the Blues, Senators, Rangers, Kings but possibly because I just don’t understand their origin. To comment on some of the names that other people thought were lame: Islanders: They play on Long Island. The name Islanders makes sense to me Blue Jackets: How can anyone not like a team called the BJ’s? Especially with the BJ’s in the same division as the blackcocks? Penguins: penguins live on the ice. Ducks: actually I change my mind. Now I agree with the guy who said Mighty Ducks was ok, but just Ducks is dumb. Canucks, Maple Leafs, Canadiens: those are about where the teams are from, similar to Islanders. I think they fit.

Cleveland Destroyers

Seattle Aerons

Milwaukee Braves

Houston Firebirds

Baltimore Bruisers

Cleveland Steamrollers (that’s something disgusting from the urban dictionary, where you roll over someone in poop, disgusting but that’s all I could think of for Cleveland)
Seattle Grunge
Milwaukee Brew
Houston Howitzers
Baltimore Birds (simple, yet effective)

Cleveland! Oh please let there be a team in Cleveland!!!!!!

Cleveland Axmen

Seattle Thunder

Milwaukee Raptors

Houston Heat

Baltimore Howitzers.

Jacob – San Jose’s AHL farm team was in Cleveland from ’01-’06. They were called the Barons as well.

Thanks Nypengwin.

LMAO Habs fan. I call Cleveland, Cleavageland sometimes, no one covers up their chest here (including men).

Benny – A Cleveland Steamer is equivalent to a Hot Carl.

Cleveland Warriors
Seattle Thunder
Milwaulkee Gophers
Houston Bulls
Baltimore Hawks

I really just pulled these names out of the air.

well I live near Milwaukee and I know they have the Admirals and the Flyer’s(not pro teams duh!) so hmmmmmm what would be a good name:

Milwaukee scull crushers! Yeah I dunno, I just looked at my socks which have sculls and cross bones on them! I’m not sure! But this is a good questions.

NOTE: I see some of you know nothing about Wisconsin. WHAT about Milwaukee is not a hockey town. They have a sh!t ton of hockey teams from youth up to beer league to semi pro

Cleavland Rockers (duh cuz the heart of rock and roll is Cleavland)

Seattle: fire throwers? yeah I got nothing!

Houston: Hornets

Baltimore: Staplers

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