Will you join these groups and organizations to protest Irans dictator Ahmadinejad?

In New York City, the protest on the 25th, against Ahmadenijad, the dictator who has called for the annihilation of the State of Israel, Denied the holocaust numerously, these groups with be there:

911 Families
ACT for America
Alliance of Iranian Women
American Center for Law and Justice
American Center for Democracy
American Islamic Forum for Democracy
American Maronite Union
Americans for a Safe Israel
American Values
Arabs for Israel
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
Center for Security Policy
Christian Solidarity International
Christians United For Israel
Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights
Committee on the Present Danger
Concerned Women for America
Jeffrey Ballabon, Coordinating Council on Jerusalem
Council for a Democratic Iran
Council of Jewish Г‰migrГ© Community Organizations
Endowment for Middle East Truth
Eye on the U.N.
Family Security Matters
Foundation for Defense of Democracy
Free Church of China
Fuel for Truth
Glenn Richter, Founder Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry
Guardian Angels
Dov Hikind, New York Assembly
Institute for Religion and Democracy
International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem
International Christian Union
Aryeh Eldad, Israeli Knesset
Jerusalem Reclamation Project
Jewish Action Alliance
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
Jewish Political Education Foundation
Rory Lancman, New York State Assembly
Log Cabin Republicans of New York City
Muslims Against Shariah
New York Chapter, Gathering of Eagles
Open Doors USA
Phyllis Chesler, author
Rabbi Zev Friedman, Rambam Mesivta high school
Rabbi Joseph Potasnik
Stand With Us, United States
Stand With Us, International
Stop Shariah Now
Sudan Freedom Walk
The Ethics &amp: Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
Traditional Values Coalition
United American Committee
Unity Coalition for Israel
David Weprin, New York City Council
Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, Trustee CUNY
Women’s Freedom Movement of Pakistan
World Committee for the Land of Israel
Zionist Organization of America

Yes i would

I might desire to trust Aaron’s remark. I agree that we’d desire to consistently voice our help for the Iran protesters’ reason, yet there is honestly no want for us to be intervening in Iran’s inner affairs. once you get sufficient individuals and Brits in touch in something occurring in yet another united states of america, persons are in basic terms going to get the thought they have an ulterior reason and are not in the slightest degree involved in what the persons are particularly doing, even although they’re, and then blame the West for each and all of the chaos that erupted through fact they have been in touch. this won’t help all and numerous. it particularly is an Iranian concern, and that’s as much as the Iranians to remedy it. edit: I in no way suggested something approximately conflict, yet rallying and the wrist band wearing by potential of internationals not at as quickly as laid low with the election’s effect could be viewed as butting in and meddling in different persons’s corporation.

Hell no! The man is really awesome. The West is really jealous that there is someone better than their stooge Shah who can develop Iran’s economy and make a prosperous nation. We are more powerful than ever, we have more freedom than ever, even the women have greater independence than in the times of Shah. We Iranians are not traitors who have fled the great Islamic Revolution like cowards. We Iranian also support unitedly against Zionist conspirators who wish to one day occupy our own land. We don’t support the murderers and fibsters who kill Palestinians.

EDIT- So I don’t really have the freedom to ask question if Iran is better place than in Shah’s time just because I am an Iranian citizen? So you are playing a dictator, just like the Shah’s time.

Did you ever live in Iran? Have you known what it feels like being a part of a great progressing nation? You are foolishly swallowing the media and the traitor’s propaganda against Iran. In Iran we don’t drive drunk in the road and kill thousands like in America. The heroin addiction is a big lie and the only place from which heroin come in our country is from Afghanistan, supposedly &quot:safe&quot: under the American occupation.In Iran we don’t at least rape women once in every seven minutes like in America. We punish the rapists severely out of our respect for women, whereas in America 95% of the rapist comes out of the jail to rape women again.
We may have more poor people in Iran now than in America, but it is much better than th times of Shah. At least our poor people don’t become thieves like your rich American people (please read the news of Madoff). And Hamas had won the election, but yet even the Americans don’t respect democracy of the Palestinians. Remember, the Americans have trained ISI in Pakistan who openly commit attrocities like the Mumbai carnage, yet America shamelessly harps its support for the ISI. Americans created al-Qaeda during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, so indirectly they are responsible for 9/11. Americans supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical weaponry, and he used it on Iran. So you are actually pointing that we can’t act the hero by helping the Palestinian with Hezbollah and Hamas? Buzz off and read your American history please!

No i won’t. Those are Iranians who lived OUTSIDE of Iran, they’re fed through the things that they see in the media. And without Iran’s presence in the middle-east, there would be a new Holocaust.

EDIT – HAAHAHA and i’m supposed to listen to someone who’s only a Level 1 in Yahoo! Answers? Go read your bible, dude.

No, for that is not going to do anything to change his mind and it is not constructive, so no. I would not.
Iran has hated israel for 1500 years. Nothing ever changes. If we need to address Iran we can, but all they want to do is get attention, I dont want to give them more.

Irans president is the one that will be responsible for the nuclear destruction of many american cities, he is the guy nostradamus was referring to when he spoke of the third anti-christ, the one worse then all the others before.

it all starts around 2012 with the beginning of the new Miyan Cycle.

i dont care if u dont believe me or if u think im crazy, but thats the truth.

No. Protesting a dictator is a waste of time.

The question is will Obama?

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