Which economist say that the stimulus bill did not create jobs or that it cost jobs?

The stimulus bill created jobs. There is debate about how many jobs it created but there is no denying it created jobs.

President Obama says 2 million
CBO: 800,000 to 2.4 million
IHS/Global Insight: 1.25 million
Macroeconomic Advisers: 1.1 million
Moody’s Economy.com: 1.6 million

If you know an economist that say jobs were not created please post a link to them.

Plenty of responses, although not suprisingly… no links.

Look at your data you pulled and the numbers vary greatly. That’s because saying you created jobs and proving that are two different things and is based on data that is anything but accurate. In spite of the number of jobs created it still doesn’t cover the number of jobs lost and the number of people still unemployed.
In a recent NY Times poll only 6% of the people polled thinmk that the stimulus has created ANY jobs. What does that tell you?
Also, keep in mind that any job created by the stimulus is temporary at best because once the job ends or the money runs out the people will be unemployed again.

It is literally impossible for government spending not to COST jobs. Even OBAMA said so.
ALL of the job numbers relating to &quot:stimulus&quot: refer ONLY to &quot:how many people are getting paid at least in part from stimulus funds?&quot: NOT ONE honest economist equates that to &quot:creating&quot: jobs.
For example, infrastructure spending was simply MOVED from the regular budget into &quot:stimulus&quot: with ZERO additional spending, projects or jobs but now ALL infrastructure jobs are considered &quot:created by the stimulus.&quot:
To believe otherwise REQUIRES that you believe I can take money from your wallet, keep most of it, give a little back and YOU will be richer as a result. In other words, it requires insanity or retardation.

Most economists agree that the war spending created &quot:or saved&quot: as many jobs as any economic stimulus of the same size.

But liberals rant and rave against the war spending, while they sing the praises of the stimulus.

Isn’t it funny how liberals hardly ever mentioned the stimulus until the recent White House release claiming that the stimulus &quot:rescued the economy from free fall.&quot:

Nice talking points you got there. So funny to see how Obama is sinking to such desperate counterattacks, while calling for greater bipartisanship at the same time.

Short term job creation isn’t a solution. For instance, if Obama spent a billion dollars on baby-sitters for Friday night. Three hundred lucky teens had a job for 5 hours while congress went to a party. Obama created 300 new jobs, but come Saturday morning those same three hundred teens were unemployed and back looking for real employment. In the same way, temporary work programs and summer campaign jobs for college students doesn’t actually fix anything. It makes Obama look good in the short term, but only postpones the layoffs for a few months.

Why do you need an economist to verify what you already believe without proof?
Doesn’t it tell you something, from your own figures?
From a low of 1.1m to a high of 2.4m jobs created?
Why don’t we just throw a dart at a board to come up with some number?

But I’ll grant that some jobs might have been created:
Hiring armored-car drivers to shuffle the money all around Washington…:-)

Any jobs created for someone without a job is definitely worth it. No job=no taxes paid. Here is a link for you, The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Thats nothing.

These jobs wont last when the money runs out. all the stimulus is doing is creating an artificial growth that ends when the money ends. its not supported by a real economy therefore isnt real.

the only jobs that was created was in the government ..plus only 1/3 of the stimulus money has been spend so we really did not need it …he just put our kid children in debt. turtle crossing, da study of catfish, tatoo remover machine , give me a break…oh yeah how many ppl lost job sent the stimulus bill lol ?

Many jobs he says he created were jobs taht lasted only a few days and then were gone. What a load of crap.

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