When did God decide bestiality and homosexuality were bad things?

If it were really that bad and he really was against it, shouldn’t he have made it a priority item, along with not eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge? At the very least, shouldn’t he have made it a commandment before he flooded the Earth?

Have you ever heard of Sodom and Gomorrah? God is definitely against it. You haven’t read the bible at all have you? The tree was knowledge of good and evil. Before they ate it all they knew was God there was no doubt at all. They weren’t confused or worried but when they did they were ashamed of their bodies and noticed that they were naked. Before everything was cool they didn’t care. It was a commandment before the flood and those were not the only sins they were doing there were many more. And since we now knew right from wrong. We knew we were doing bad when we did it so there shouldn’t have been a surprised when they were punished.

Well first up there was eve went and bonked a smooth talking snake then the Jews crucified his kid for kissing a boy in the park, dont know about pigs though probably didnt want to upset the muzlims I guess

It’s bad, and God warned them.
I’m sure a lot of information had been taught before the flood.
Noah was a preacher but they wouldn’t listen.
Same as now.

Ignoring the fact that mythical Gods are not real – what’s the Goddamn connection between bestiality and homosexuality – is it the same as pedophilia and heterosexuality?

Comparing homosexuality to bestiality? Epic fail.

Eeeek. I have been PWNED. Now I will go drink bleach.

Free Will

He waited around for Moses then he gave ’em the word.

That is the way He wanted things, that’s why.

All sins are forgiven when you put your faith into Jesus Christ. =)

Thou shalt not **** thy camel. I’m sure it’s in there somewhere…

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