Vegans & Vegetarians: What is your opinion on meat eaters?

Some Vegans &amp: Vegetarians have little to say about meat eaters while some voice their very strong opinion.

I’m curious: what is YOUR opinion?

I reserve judgment. I dislike the &quot:Lets-make-fun-of-all-vegetarians-for-no… type of meat eater, but as long as meat eaters are kind and respectful regarding my eating style, I will return the favor. I prefer to coexist… to lead by example.

I’m actually an omnivore, but I went to a few summer camps where they only had vegetarian and vegan food.

I found that by and large, they just wanted to be left alone. If I had questions about vegetarianism or veganism they were very nice and helpful, but they didn’t bother me about my meat-eating. There were a few preachy people, but those were the same people who were preachy about everything.

I know this isn’t what you’re asking, but there were like 100 people at my camp, and about 80-90 of them didn’t eat meat.

It’s really hard to generalize meat-eaters. There are different types of people who act certain ways totally unrelated to their diet, be it veg*n or omni. I am a vegan, but I used to be a meat-eater, so I can sympathize with some meat-eaters who are just uneducated. It’s the meat-eaters who are overly-defensive who get aggressive and insulting that cause alot of the friction I experience, but they are a small minority.

I know it’s wrong, but I find myself judging ex-veg*ns harsher than life-long omnivores. They actually should know better.

If they respect me I respect them. All of my bffs are meat eaters but we get along fine.

Some meat eaters are really mean to me though. Just because I don’t eat some foods.

I have some meat eating friends and most of my relatives eat meat. Obviously they have many qualities that I love but I must admit it really frustrates me that they continue to choose to support animal cruelty by eating animal products. Some have compromised though and now buy less cruel products (like free range and organic meat). People whom I can’t stand are the ones who choose to be blissfully ignorant for the sake of their own selfishness. ie. the ones in the supermarket who have to save $1 by choosing battery cage eggs over free range eggs even though they have unnecessary items like softdrink and chips in their trolley: the people in the drivethru at KFC and MCDonald’s etc. Also the ones who can watch &quot:Meet your meat’ and similar footage and still not care. It really does concern me that a lot of people choose to support blatant cruelty!!!!

Unfortunately the more animal cruelty I am exposed to (I am vice-president of an animal rights group) the more I don’t like meat eaters. Most of my good friends are vegan or vego but I can’t choose my relatives!

Since meat eaters consume a legal and socially acceptable product, they are within their rights to do so. However, there are many legal products (cigarettes, for example) that are harmful for you. I think many meat eaters eat meat because of their lack of knowledge and understanding of the potentially harmful effects of meat.

99% of the people i know are meat eaters: hell, my boyfriend is a meat eater! we just respect each other

but i do get annoyed at work when people say they dont want any &quot:rabbit food&quot: on their pizza….

I truly don’t mind what they eat, as long as they respect my eating habits as well. As long as they aren’t rude to me then I’m completely fine with it. I only get annoyed when people continue to throw the myths of my diet at my face or literally throw meat in my face (trust me its happened). But almost all of my friends eat meat and we get along fine.

Some of my best friends are meat-eaters.

As long as they don’t say &quot:there is meat in that&quot: or &quot:haha look I’m eating chicken/hamburger!&quot: Those people are real jerks.

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