i want to practice witchcraft in a christian home?

my familiy is all christian. i want to start practicing witchcraft but i have no idea how i can do it? we dont have any perfumes or incents (dont know how to spell :P) because both me and my mom have a sensitivity to those types of things. we dont have any crystals either. my parents know im intresting in witchcraft so if i were to buy some candles… well, they wouldent let me anyway. i only have 2 white candles as a grad gift. i dont want to wait till i move out cuz thats in about 4 years and i really dont want to wait that long. i also dont want to tell them i want to practice it because they would kill me…

First, you need to buy a copy of Macbeth. Second, you need to perfect your voice. Third, do not upset Macbeth. Other than that you should be fine.

You don’t. Why would you need to anyway?

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