How many civilians died in FRANCE during WWII? (did France get off easier than most countries in Europe?)?

was any of Paris even destroyed? did French people not suffer really from WWII? how was during nazi occupation?

and also Italy, Spain got off very easy too? how compared to Britain?

Spain wasn’t involved in WW2 – they stayed peaceful.

France you can argue got off easier than all European nations involved in WW2 with the exception of Britain and Norway. Britain got off the lightest out of all nations involved in WW2 in terms of casualties and physical destruction to their country. Norway was at the hands of a relatively peaceful German occupation in contrast to other European countries.

The Germans generally treated the French very well (unless you were a French Jew). The only reprisals taken out on the French civilians was when the French Resistance or Free French Forces sabotaged and killed German military personnel.

When Paris was about to fall to Leclerc’s French forces and the rest of the Allied forces during the Liberation of Paris, the German commander, General Dietrich von Choltitz remarked that he could’ve destroyed Paris. Hitler had ordered that if Paris fell to the Allies, von Choltitz was to ensure that Paris was &quot:lying in complete debris&quot: (in Hitler’s own words). However, von Choltitz ignored Hitler’s order. Instead he saved Paris by surrendering the city without much of a fight, therefore Paris remained virtually unharmed throughout WW2.

Italy got off far worse than France. Their civilians suffered at the hands of the Allied invasion, most notably there were isolated minor massacres of Italian civilians and troops here and there by US personnel (such as the Biscari massacre and Canicattì massacre). But generally, Italy got off the lightest when compared to the other Axis powers.

No there are more Germans (84 million) than French (65 million) today.

According to wikipedia, 267 000 French civilians were killed, a significant number by the allied bombardments.


I do not know how many people were killed but yes they got off easier. Hitler had told france that if they surrendered within a certain time they wouldnt get much of their beautiful city blown up. Hitler made the french sign the treaty of surrender in the a train car where france made germany surrender in ww1

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