How does the iMac connect to keyboard and mouse?

So the Apple iMac is completely wireless. But since I’ve never had an iMac, i don’t know how it connects to the keyboard and mouse. Is it via bluetooth or something like that? And if it does, do you have to charge either the mouse or the keyboard once in a while? And the monitor itself is also wireless, how does it have power if it doesnt connect to anything. Does it have battery in it that you also have to charge once in a while?
Any help would be greatly appreciated =D

Despite what it looks like, it is a desktop. So it needs a power cord running from it.

As for the keyboard and mouse, they run on replaceable batteries. I’d invest in a AA and AAA battery charger. There is a USB port u can connect the keyboard with if you’d rather.

in case you advise a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and in case you’re employing the batteries that got here with them, then i might wager that those batteries, that have been in all hazard fairly previous and have been cheap before everything, too, are in all hazard lifeless, so replace them with form-new clean ones, after which you would be able to would desire to close down and restart the Mac to get it to &quot:see&quot: them. in case you advise a under pressure mouse and keyboard, then touch Apple for exchange or restore. sturdy success!…

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