Doesn’t the GOP realize that it’s Ron Paul or Obama?

If Romney or Gingrich wins the nomination, and Paul chooses not to run as a third party candidate, then they will still not have the support of Ron Paul supporters no matter what people tell them to do. And Newt Romney won’t win the Independent or youth vote against Obama. Libertarians and Constitutionalists will stick with their own party. Choose Romney or Gingrich, it doesn’t matter. Either would lose in the general election.

If Ron Paul does run third party, then he will likely siphon off at least 15-20 percent, and Obama will win.

But if Paul is chosen to be the GOP candidate in 2012, then he will get the entire GOP base to vote for him (not out of love for Paul, but seething hatred for Obama), he will have every supporter of his at the polls (that goes without saying), and he will win more independents and liberals than any other GOP candidate ever would.

While Romney seems to have the whole presidential package and Gingrich is a good debater and politician, the fact is Ron Paul appeals to the broader electorate, if the goal really is to beat Obama. The mainstream media would have everyone believe that Paul isn’t electable and doesn’t stand a chance against Obama, but reason (and Paul being elected 12 times to Congress) will tell you otherwise.

Ron Paul, although the best option for the Presidency, may be the Ross Perot of 2012.

So when so many people are voting for Romney as the most electable, shouldn’t they be thinking otherwise?

Unfortunately, I don’t think the GOP understands this. But it’s true for me. The only candidate in the Republican Primary I will vote for is Paul. And if he doesn’t get the nomination then I won’t vote.

Ron Paul doesn’t appeal to a larger margin than any of the other candidates. He hasn’t come in first, and he won’t in enough states to win.
He is a Libertarian, not a Republican, his views on foreign affairs and drugs and even civil rights aren’t in line with the Republican platform.
Paul has won in one very small section of Texas, not even across Texas, for those elections, but each time he’s run nationally he’s lost.
It’s not the mainstream media, its not anything other than he isn’t a Republican.
Not really, and they can’t support someone with his views.

Its time for the Paul voters to start to think of something else, and face the reality of the situation.
The Republicans don’t want him. Nothing to do with the media. Nothing to do with Democrats.

You neglect to take into account the &quot:Hillary Factor&quot: and how many Paul supporters would swing their vote over to her since she is considered a &quot:centrist&quot: especially when compared to Obama or the number of Perry-Gingrich-Huntsman supporters who would cast their votes with Romney. But you sound like a Democrat who continually tells us to &quot:compromise&quot: meaning ‘do what we tell you to do’ or else! If, as you claim, Paul ‘appeals to a broader base’, explain why he is not LEADING in the two states. Instead you do what will turn off people like me who would vote for him be he the choice over Obama by weilding Obama like a gun to our heads to &quot:vote for Paul or Else!&quot: when instead better to tell us why we should instead of what will &quot:happen to you’ if you don’t!!! If Obama gets re-elected, it is EVERYONE’S LOSS not just the GOP… Cap &amp: Trade, DREAM Act, further moratoriums on resource exploration,… is this what just threatens the GOP? NO

Ron Paul does not stand a chance in the general election. All he is good for is racism, division and kumbaya spouting without any knowledge of geopolitics.

The only thing he will do is possibly a Ralph Naderesque division of the party that will give Obama the chance he needs to win. Way to go Paul…Destroy your party, the country when you have absolutely no chance to win.

Think about it. He basically has liberal ideas. Those votes will mostly go to Obama anyway. The conservatives and moderates will never vote for him.

While i agree with Paul the most out of any other GOP candidate, the GOP will never nominate him. I’m mean even Faux News treats him like sh!t.

Your silly threats fall on deaf ears.

I’m a Ron Paul person and he’ll likely get my vote during the primary election in my state. If he loses, so be it.

If ya’ll want to take a chance on another Supreme Court appt. made by Obama, don’t cry about how much you care about the Constitution and individual rights, etc.

I’ll vote for ABO in the general as a result.

Agree Paul will defeat obama by a landslide

Ron Paul does not have the backbone to run 3rd party. He had never done it before and he won’t do it now.

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