why should clinton drop out?

I am a clinton fan i would rather have a republican as president than obama so the longer she can drag this race on the better. Even if she does not win she will have draged on the race so long he cant beat McCain. Plus obama is winning big in states with a big black population but the states he is wining in have more republicans then blacks, so it is more likely in november that the republicans will out number the blacks.

She shouldn’t and your right. he cannot beat the big states. especially Florida Michigan, Pennsylvania,California and Texas and remember NO caucuses in General election so he’s doomed….. He will lose……

Obama :
He has raised the bar on how to campaign using the American people which makes his accountable to us not lobbyist. Hillary followed after the big donors stopped donating.

He has managed his campaign like he will manage this country. Take us from a struggling country to a rich nation in spirit and in the dollar value. He has not ran out of money which means that his supporters really support.

If Hillary haveTRUE supporters who believe in her, then why are they leaving her broke.

Obama was the underdog with a funny name running against the brand name in politics: Hillary AND Bill ( the former president) yet he is winning.

Obama has a grip on what we need and he is not pandering to us.

He will talk to his enemies. Add diplomacy to our foreign policy. He opposes the war from the beginning while both candidates have voted for the war without reading the National intelligence report.

Obama has weathered the attacks from FAUX news, Hillary, McCain and local Republicans not involved in our process.

Obama is seen as a uniter not a divider.

Obama did not threaten to obliterate Iran on hypotheticals to win votes. This is so bad that international leaders have reported to the UN that they do not want McCain and Hillary in office.

Obama has 82 year old Weiss campaigning for him on CNN talking about his policies ( yet people say he is rhetorics)

Obama is so awesoome that Gravel has appeared on Obama girl video to endorse him.

Obama is getting more delegates from CLinton’s side.

Is it true that the counties within the states are republicans and those are the states that Hillary is pulling?

Is it true that her votes is including Rush Limbaugh’s Republican that won’t vote for her.

Is it true that there are more college students to counter act the women.

When did the working class become white? There are black working class.

Are you exicted to have two republicans running against each other ( Hillary and McCain)

Is it true that if this was Obama in Hillary shoes then he would be asked out of the race?

Hillary is not the underdog, she is the clintons and she has help of the party insider and her husband?

Obama has the people..We donate to him where he doesn’t go bankrupt. He is accoutable to us not party insiders and businesses.

My last question. Do you think that democrats would get to the white house without the black vote? We carried Bill in 1992 to the house. We did not care if he was white or black.
We see a better candidate this year and he is Obama.

I agree, we ought to constantly initiate uniting in the back of a candidate. She won’t supply up, nevertheless. She thinks that is her birthright to be united states of america’s first lady president. I observed some numbers that mentioned that regardless of if Clinton wins each ultimate state by ability of 60% (close to to impossible), she’ll nonetheless be in the back of Barack in pledged delegates. Then it comes all the way down to the Superdelegates, who in the event that they are smart won’t pass against national sentiment, giving Barack over 0.5 of them. that is carried out, she desires to settle for it and help Barack so the occasion can unite, in any different case we’d besides hand the White domicile to McCain now.

Correction: All races are voting for Senator Obama!! There’s no way Hillary can win the Dom. She is too far behind. Billary is another Huckabee. She’s a sore loser. Obama is leading among the pledged delegates and the popular vote. He’s also significantly closed the gap between himself and Clinton in superdelegates. Bottom line: He’s winning.

OBAMA ’08.

Hillary cannot win, it is a foregone conclusion with the delegates and anyone with an ounce of brains and willing to admit the truth, know it! What Hillary is doing is spending more money she does not have and is using her own. Part of her and Bill’s money comes from speaking engagements, Bill made the cash all around the globe which means foreigners are monetarily footing the bill right now for her presidential run by using their own money instead of being able to raise it on the campaign trail! This is not good, when foreign money is used in an American presidential race! What Hillary is doing by staying in the race, although she cannot possibly win without a miracle, she is forcing Barack Obama to spend more money against her in the remaining primaries instead of focusing on John McCain and putting his concentration against his policies and making his own views known as to why John McCain should not be elected president. Hillary is purposely keeping Barack Obama and the Democratic Party side-tracked from what will be the general election Obama vs McCain in the 2008 presidential election! Hillary Clinton is all done….she will not be VP as she trashed Barack Obama on the campaign trail, along with Bill Clinton and should Barack pick Hillary the Republican Party would have enough ammunition to sink Obama just using Hillary Clinton’s campaign film clips! Hillary &amp: Bill Clinton have bad-mouthed Barack Obama for a year and a half and have attacked him more times than the opponent John McCain! Hillary Clinton even admitted John McCain had more experience to be president than Barack Obama, why would Barack Obama pick her as a running mate? That would be pure foolishness, McCain would win the election as America does not trust Hillary Clinton, polls show a majority of Americans feel she lies to justify her past lies and has quite an imagination when it comes to remembering things as they happened! Hillary Clinton has very little credibility when it comes to being honest…not a good trait for a presidential running mate! Hillary Clinton is now hurting the Democratic Party by not stepping aside and going back to NY and start doing her job as senator she was elected to do! Hillary is having a hard time excepting defeat, but she is defeated and Barack Obama beat her for the nomination fair and square! Hillary should congratulate Barack Obama, get on a plane back to NY, take a break, recover and get back to the U.S. Senate and start earning her money she is paid to help those residing in New York State! Clinton supporters need to keep their word and switch over to Barack Obama and help elect him president and defeat John McCain in the process! Losing is a hard, bitter pill to swollow, but Hillary Clinton must do it for all concerned and the Democratic Party….unless she is really still a Republican at heart! Bill Clinton made her switch when he ran for office in Arkansas, but Hillary was a life-long Republican before that and she has praised the Republican party and their candidates on more than one occasion! Perhaps Hillary will someday be a Republican Party member again in the future! Hillary Clinton had a very large lead, but lost out in the race against Obama, this clearly points out she cannot organize a campaign to win, even when she has a great advantage at the start. Hillary was very over-confident and it cost her…she thought she was the straw that stirred the drink..she was not! Hillary is not presidential material…she best keep her NY senate seat and leave well-enough alone! Barack Obama is the future, he is real change…change for the better! America has had enough Bush &amp: Clinton’s to last a lifetime! It is time for new leadership, it is time for a new direction, its Barack Obama time for all Americans!

I am not likely to vote for a democrat, but I think HRC should drop out so that the democrats can rally behind Obama and prepare for the general election

I really want to see a DC outsider get elected (an outsider like Reagan was, not like Carter was !) HRC is a DC insider!
She has been a central figure in DNC politics for 15 years
And her whole image is a lock step liberal democrat
McCain is more an outsider, he’s the Un Republician republican

I am not a Clinton fan. But I do want a democrat in The White House. I’ll vote for an Obama/Clinton ticket. It’s the only way. If she wants to be in the mix, that’s the ticket. If not, she can go home and enjoy some of that 109 million in the bank.

Obama 08!!!!!!!!!!!

Clinton has won the major blue states. And the Obamathon is running a bad race attacking her so much because it makes democrats who like Hillary feel he is sneaky and rude. They will vote for someone who has attacked Hillary less. A freaking republican. Geez. Obama should just drop out. He can’t win the general.

Primarily for the unity of the Democratic Party: and reclaiming the White House.
The other reasons: behind in delegates, popular vote, and least amount of states wins.
Finally, Hillary’s Campaign is broke. Secretly she has to lend over 11 million from her own pocket. That’s not good and it sends a message that ride is over.

Not certain you understand that you are a dem and so you must vote dem…do you really want another 4 years of Bush? That’s what we’d get if McSame won. Go research Obama and not on You Tube but in real news and don’t listen to loops but listen to the entire statement…Obama is not how the media has made him.

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