Ron Paul,Ron Paul,Ron Paul,Ron Paul….?

has anyone gotten tired of stupid Ron Paul questions yet?..the ones that have no purpose other than to get his name on the screen?….by my count there are about 25-30 a day that hev no substance…they just ask Ron Paul this and Ron Paul that…why not just title 50 a day the way I did to get your attention?….no matter how many good ideas the guy may have,HE IS UNELECTABLE…no fringe contender has ever won a nomination and this one wont either…get over it

I agree with you 100%..Im tired of seeing the dudes name…he cant win…lets have some real questions

I lost every hope about a transition back to before 2008, it’s been so much legislative change is only 3 years, and a total nationalization of the US economy. But no matter what happen I’m proud to know a real patriot like Ron Paul, and I’m proud of the americans that support him no matter how different their opinions are on certain issues or agree or disagree. RON PAUL = ONLY HONEST PERSON IN GOVERMENT

I see at least 15-20 questions a day about him that are just dumb excuses to get his name up here…I agree with a lot he says..I also agree he is unelectable and is well on the way to splitting the vote,ala Perot the Gnome,and giving the election to the Dems….if Perot had op stayed at home,Taco Bill wouldnt have stood a chance…there was a payoff in there somewhere and the country suffered badly for it…Perot could be called traitor morally,if not in reality…Paul is one the way to the same status

Here we go again…the questions isnt about Ron Paul..its about those dumba** questions that keep popping up ABOUT him…I see the Defender of Ron Paul have already started about HIM…I too am tired of those stupid questions that do nothing but get his name up there…answer that one,not defend the Paul guy

Ron Paul is not a sane man.

Are you afraid of the numbers?

Face it your candidate will lose and you are blaming Ron Paul.

Your analysis shows how you’ve been schooled.

Write in candidate.

You don’t have to swallow what they offer. It’s funny how Americans rebel by not voting, instead of voting their conscience.

who the heck is he anyway????


why, and who are you to make that judgment call for all of America?

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