What party will Barack Obama run against in November 2012?

Since the republican party will no longer exist, I was wondering who would put a candidate to run against him.

By 2012 there won’t be an election process anymore.

Ron Paul ought to likely lose. in simple terms because he’s not any longer an independent would not advise something. Secondly I talked about a clip of Paul alongside with Herman Cain and Rick Santorum actually bashing the president particularly than sticking to topics. in the adventure that they (inclusive of Ron Paul) plan on winning the GOP standard election in 2012 by bashing the president, then they’ll really lose. as far as Paul is in contact, he’s not any longer a heavy weight candidate and he will probable lose contained in the primaries.

The winning party.

The repbulican party will most certainly exist, but it won’t be able to run against Obama because he will probably declare himself a dictator by then.

A more effective and less corrupt Republican party

Wishful thinking on your part…We will be back with a vengence…

Jacob, stop snorting kool aid powder.

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