The Official Thread *Kobe Vs Lebron* For Yahoo Answers?

My opinion is that since Kobe is my favorite player since the year 2000 he has just accomplished more than Lebron even though he has been in the league longer than Lebron. Lebron is a good player don’t get me wrong but when back in 03-04(Lebron was just drafted) Kobe was already a three time champ, had won the dunk contest, was a 6 time allstar, was on the NBA first, second, defensive, and all-rookie team. Lebron has mostle got all of those awards but to me he is mostly overrated he has had many chances of getting a ring but they still call him King( Queen) James for some reason. Kobe has two NBA history records (81 points and 12 3’s) there are many reasons I call Kobe great and Lebron a overrated player. I know i might cause controversy but I think Kobe is better than Jordan stats don’t lie he was overrated also so give me your thoughts………….

Kobe has always had a decent supporting cast and multiple all-stars playing on his team. He is good don’t get me wrong, but here is my argument. Jordan didn’t always have a good team, every player that left the Bulls when Jordan was there failed else where for the most part. He has 6 rings and the Bulls are not winning even one of those championships if Jordan is not there. The lakers when Shaq was there could have still pulled it off. Sure Lebron has never scored 81 points in a game, but what does that prove. Lebron leads in ppg this year at 29.8, Kobe 27.5, assist 8.5, Kobe 5.0, steals 1.66, Kobe 1.65, rebounds 7.2, Kobe 5.3, FG% 50.4 to 46.1 Block shots 1.06 to .30 etc. It just shows that Lebron is a better team player over all. Lebron is the youngest to ever score 15000 points and did two years quicker than Kobe. Sure, Kobe has his rings, but he is near the end of his prime while Lebron is only 25. Lebron didn’t have the supporting cast when he was drafted that Kobe had either. Kobe has always played on a team with money, where Cleveland until recent history has been a fairly poor team and couldn’t afford great players. There are still players that have better stats and more rings than any of them. Bill Russell has 11 rings, Wilt Chamberlain only player to average more than 50 points per game for a season, Oscar Robertson, only player to average a triple double for an entire season.

As you said, Kobe was already in the league for a while before Lebron got there. Had they started their careers at the same time, this question of who’s better would not exist. Wait until both careers are over to decide who’s better all time. Lebron is much better this year. Unless something goes wrong, Lebron James will have a better NBA carrer than Kobe Bryant.

Aboout the rings:
Jordan didn’t win any his first 6 years. How did he turn out? with 6 titles.
Lebron didn’t win any his first 6 years. Only time will tell how he turns out.
Kobe won 3 titles in his first 6 years. However, he wasn’t as dominate as either James or Jordan.

As far as Jordan being overrated, that’s a joke. Are you looking at the same stats as I am?

And I would say Jordan is better than Kobe, but then again we have to wait for Kobe to retire to tell who’s better. It will be close, but right now, Jordan is better.

I think Kobe is better than Jordan too,because you know that what u think and I know that what I’m think! Like what u said Lebron is a good player don’t get me wrong but when back in 03-04(Lebron was just drafted) Kobe was already a three time champ.So,I think Kobe are win for Yahoo answer!!!

Kobe is by far the greatest player in the league although i am a kobe bryant fan he still is the greatest Mj couldnt even score 81 only a mere 63

I especially doubt that it extremely is everywhere close to 80%. If it replaced into 80% than you might even see Kobe and Lebron everywhere in the front website once you first get to Y! solutions and that i havent seen their sorry names on the front website for the reason that final month. perhaps you’re purely speaking with reference to the Basketball area. no longer the activities area/class yet purely the basketball. I see lots extra wrestling postings than basketball whilst i bypass at present decrease than activities

please end this this is apples and oranges they are two totally different players lebron is a more a driver and a field hawk kobe is the reliable type who can make a three pointer with a hand on his face and can shoot free throws

Kobe is better than Jordan n lebron nahhh bro.
Yea he use to be better than LeBron but not no more


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