If you tell each zodiac sign to shut the hell up, what would they do?

Aries – *punches the living daylight out of you* still got somethin to say? Good, stay on the floor b**tch.

Taurus – *turns their direct attention to you and begins to lash out infront of everyone* I’m gonna stick my foot so far up your *** your gonna TASTE IT.

Gemini – *looks at you confused and grins alittle* really? I was expecting alittle more then that. *ignores you*

Cancer – *rolls eyes giving you the silent treatment until you take it back*

Leo – *gazes at you intensity clinching their fist getting ready to hit you* YOU shut the hell up

Virgo – tries ignoring the tension, but fails at succeeding.

Libra – *shakes head looking at you with a pity expression* Yeah uh, Don’t you think that’s alittle immature?

Scorpio – doesn’t even bother to look at you, they probably didn’t even hear you. Better yet, they don’t care.

Sagittarius – *shoves you backwards egging it on* say it again, I dare you. *pulls fist back like their gonna hit you*

Capricorn – *looks at you with a blank expression* okay.

Aquarius – *catches your gaze and smiles sarcastically* sorry, I don’t speak irrelevant *******. *ignores you, not even listening*

Shut Up Signs

Aries- Punch you in the f*ckin mouth.

Taurus- Stare at you with a stoic look but if you persist to continuously tell them to shut up they’ll punch you in the f*ckin mouth.

Gemini- Either laugh or punch you in the f*ckin mouth. (They’re kinda unpredictable in their moods).

Cancer- Punch you in the f*ckin mouth.

Leo- Either roar back and tell you to shut the f*ck up 10x’s harder or simpll punch you in the f*ckin mouth.

Virgo-Stare at you like you’re crazy and then simple walk away because they will rationalize that you simply aren’t worth their time.

Libra- Laugh as if you’re joking. (They’ll try their best to avoid further conflict by making light of the situation).

Scorpio- So unpredictable. Either A) Give you a cold sinister glare. B) Walk away and plot a way to get you back 10x’s worse or C) Punch you in the f*ckin mouth.

Sagittarius- Either simply tell YOU to shut the hell up right back or simply punch you in the f*ckin mouth.

Capricorn- Sort of a combination reaction of Virgo and Taurus.

Aquarius- They probably blatantly ignored you or didn’t even hear you to begin with considering they don’t give a flying f*ckin what others have to say to them if it doesn’t support what they like or want to hear.

Pisces- Cry…(Just Kiddin). Who knows. You could get any kind of reaction from a Pisces. Depends on which zodiac face the Pisces has on at the moment. Possibly the most unpredictable.

Capricorn- stop them reaching there goals Aquarius- turn there friends aginst them Pisces- crush there dreams and put them down Aries- Make them wait AGES for everything Taurus- Keep rushing them to do things Gemini- Be controlling to them Cancer- Critize them constantly Leo- Get everyone to ignore them Virgo- Not care about things that upset them Libra- Make them insecure about there appearance Scorpio- Play mind games to make them believe they are worthless Sagittarius- Tell them nothing but lies and bore them to death

Aries: punch you
Taurus: tell YOU to shut up
Gemini: keep blabbing. . . .no chance of shutting up
Cancer: cry or get angry and hold grudge
Leo: go off on you
Virgo: probably shut up
Libra: ask: why
Scorpio: retaliate
Sagittarius: walk away. . . avoid conflict
Capricorn: plan some way to get back at you
Aquarius: keep talking
Pisces: cry

Cancer-cry, give you the silent treatment and retreat into shell until you apologize. But later seek revenge!

Aries – Get mad then start cursing you out
Taurus – They’ll get a mad expression on their faces and then argue
Gemini – Laugh and continue talking
Cancer – Tear up and give you the silent treatment until you apologize
Leo – *Looks around to see if anyone noticed* then say something clever/hurtful back
Virgo – Stay calm and then criticize and insult you
Libra – Say something witty back in a calm manner
Scorpio – Get mad and defensive
Sagittarius – Questions why you’re in such a bad mood.
Capricorn – Stares at you with an indifferent face…
Aquarius – Reply with something clever
Pisces – Insult you

Capricorn – Stares at you with an indifferent face…

^ahahaha, thats f*cking funny. :’D

Gemini- What the freak o___o
Cancer- 🙁 …. Im-im just g-gonna leave.
Leo- umm excuse me?
Virgo- YOU shut up!
Libra- *argue*
Scorpio- *makes face*
saggitarius-*turns around and leave*
capricorn- Excuse me, but you could’ve just said that nicely. *turns and leave*
Aquarius- *gives the person a sarcastic serious face* and sarcasticly say in a serious voice*Okay.
Pisces- D: what the heck dude… *pout*

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