Hilarious story that happen to me today read and comment for points?

This morning I was driving to work and I saw three guys with dodger jerseys and stupid LA dodger hats on throwing up gang signs, As I passed them I realized that they were standing in front of a giant puddle of water so I quickly turned around and opened all of my windows pulled out my iPod and started blasting my Giants Black &amp: Orange anthem. As I approached the water they started to run because they knew what I was up too lol so I floored it and left them looking like they just got of the front row of the ride splash mountain #fuckthedodgers

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They got your plate number and will find your car. Expect to have it vandalized in a few days.

great job , the dodgers are all wet anyway . GO GIANTS

Just pray you are not from that immediate area because they will remember you and your car…

Lol why?

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