What should be punishment for a teacher striping a13 year old girl student in front of students(boys too)?

A 13 year old minor girl student of class VIII, was searched by her teacher in a classroom after a complaint by another girl student that she stole her money of Rupees 40 &amp: has kept in her pocket in her clothes. She was searched by the teacher by removing all her clothes one by one in presence of all students including boy students too in the classroom. 124 rupees were recovered from her pocket but it could not be proved that the money belonged to the student charging her of stealing(by pick pocketing). The girl was so much emberrassed that she consumed poison at night &amp: her dead body was lying in front of her house in the morning of next day. Police did not register the event of removing all her clothes in the complaint &amp: tried to hush up the matter. This happened in the beginning of this month in a place near Bhubaneshwar city of Indian state Orissa. What must be the punishment against the class teacher commiting such a GREAT CRIME &amp: the police station for not co operating ? This is a common thing there, it was told. The girl was tall about 5 feet 5 inch in height. It was reported in newspapers of Kolkata, India, on 4 th January, 2011.
Earlier too so many similar cases were reported from different parts of India. In Hiil Grange College of Bombay, the principal, wife of an Indian army general used to call girl students in her chamber &amp: ask them to take off all clothes to show her that their undergarments are not dirty. She was saying it was her right to check unhygenic dirty undergarments of girl students but after registering a police case she denied later to save her skin. Should such immoral act not be prevented ?

The school should be DE-recognized by the government as no government can permit such a school to operate and the principle of the school is also liable for all the conduct being done by the teachers with their students and teachers and principle should be arrested and punished for torture being caused to the students by the Court of Law.

Rape, and cutting off a hand

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