Should Dirk Nowitzki have been on the ALL NBA 1ST team over Kevin Durant? (Read inside)?

Dirk Nowitzki- The man has had many players injured in and out especially during the beginning of the year and Terry/Haywood, Damps recent inuries and yet his team still has the 4th best record in the NBA. He pulled out a triple double towards end of the year with 34, 10, 10 and is top 3 in FT% at 91.5%FT, top 7 in scoring at 25.0ppg and has been the best player in the 4th quarter this year averaging the 2nd most points in the fourth quarter only behind LeBron. His impact this year was great. He is 96%FT in the 4th quarter and has the game winners and multiple 10+ point 4th quarter scoring games to back it up. He is currently shooting 48%fg, 40%3pt, and 91%ft. Its amazing. Marion was out 2 of the last three games of the year and Dirk is averaging 39.5ppg in those games and he has stepped up when his teammates have been injured.

Durant to me is well deserved for everything he does, but I kind of think that Dirk flies under the radar and the hype around Durant is because this was like his breakout year, where as Dirk has been doing this for years and people take it for granted. Dirk’s team wasn’t healthy for majority of the year and he still helped them to the 2nd seed. Durant’s team was also healthy all year btw.

Last, 4th quarter production


*2 game winners

* Dirk was second in the NBA only behind LeBron in 4th quarter scoring per game (6.3ppg)

(5 minutes left in the game, also overtime) their %s

Free-Throwing Clutch
Dirk (62-of-64 97%) LeBron (74-of-91 81%) Kobe (46-of-55 84%) Durant (69-of-81 85%)

3-Point Shooting Clutch
Dirk (13-of-18 72%), LeBron (17-of-54 32%), Kobe (11-of-31 35%), Durant (10-of-31 32%)

Field-Goal Shooting Clutch
Dirk (64-of-137 47%), LeBron (68-of-147 46%), Kobe (48-of-111 43%), Durant (43-of-115 37%)

* Dirk’s team went 17-6 this year in games decided by 5 points or less.
* Dirk’s team has won 11 straight games in games that were decided by 1 point.

Good stats and way to back up your point.

Personally, I’m okay with 2nd team…it’s a bit of a coin flip and I actually have no issues with Durant.

It’s clear that Dirk remains an underappreciated NBA talent. There’s a bias against Dirk, first for being a Maverick. Seems that for some reason (Cuban) people don’t like the Mavs. Next, and I hate to bring this up, he’s WHITE.

Yep, I pulled the race card…no doubt he’s a great NBA Talent, but for some reason people don’t hype him up as much as equally gifted Black athletes. It’s simply a reality of todays world in America.

It’s not fair to Whites or Blacks, they each have an equal opportunity to succeed in this world, but for some reason there are people who react and judge with some influence based on skin color.

As for the dude pumping up the Suns…please, how can you downgrade Dirk based on Effectiveness…he’s done more with and for the Mavs than the Canadian backstabber could dream of doing.

Unlike many other Mavs fans, I was thrilled to see that guy leave Dallas. He’s a flash highlight real player with NO DEFENSE!!! Actually plays worse Defense than Dirk is perceived to play…yes, I’m talking about Nash. A player that I have grown to despise…but he helps the Suns lose so what can I say.

As for another topic…We have to remember who rules the league…David &quot:Adolph&quot: Stern. As long as he has it in for Cuban, then the Mavs will not succeed…which also means any players on the team will not succeed.

I hope Dirk is able to move on to another team where he can win a title…I’ll continue to be an MFFL, but I also understand the WWF mentality of the NBA…it’s all pre-determined and we the fans continue to be suckers!!!

Well, Dirk is over looked now, but he and his team had their chances. The Mavs/Dirk were extremely popular from 2001 to 2005 but after the loss in the finals and the collapse to Golden State he wasn’t held in the same light. It didn’t help that the Mavs went from championship contenders to just a really good playoff team after 2007. Flashier young players like (Durant, Roy, Rose) came into the league and players like Lebron, Wade, Melo and Kobe had championship contending teams and the focus shifted to them. Dirk is still playing MVP caliber ball, but so are Lebron, Kobe, Wade and Melo, and they’re also &quot:highlight&quot: type players. Dirk is not a flashy player, so the only way he gets a lot of media time, or his &quot:respect&quot: again is if the Mavs are competing for a championship.

Stats and box scores don’t tell the whole story. Read the current issue of SLAM, there is a great article about this concept (the one about Kobe, and &quot:how often&quot: he connects on game winners). Basketball is a game of poetry. Playing hurt isn’t on the stat sheet. Neither is being a captain in the huddle, and pushing your team mates to be their best.

There is very little agenda in all-nba voting. For instance, last year a reporter for the Blazers named Jason Quick made his ballot public. He put Roy third team all-nba behind Williams, and the message boards on Oregon Live where posts went ballistic. He didn’t make it public this year.

I love Dirk’s game, but everyone I know agrees that Durant is among the 3 best players in the NBA. In fact, Sport’s Illustrated recently stated that Durant is #2, behind Bron. Kenny Smith thinks Durant will surpass Bron, and I agree. You won’t be posting this next year when Durant posts 33, 8, and 5 with 49% FG.

With all the hype going around Durant , where they are trying to create some kind of a rivalry between him and LBJ, Durant was definitely gonna make it to the All-NBA 1st team , whether he deserves it or not.

IMO, Durant deserves this spot.

First of all, even with all the injuries the Mavs had , they are still a much better team than the Thunder (removing Dirk and Kevin). The only player with all-star potential durant has is Westbrook (Jeff Green is tto inconsistent). Whereas Dirk has Marion, Butler, Terry(not All-Star but he’s good), and not to forget about Jason Kidd. So basically Durant carried his team to a 50 win season pretty much by himself, in the WEST.

Therefore, I believe Durant deserves this spot more than Dirk

You’re always talking about EFFICIENCY. But what about EFFECTIVENESS? Efficiency is about having great stats regardless of winning or losing. Effectiveness is about getting a win regardless of stats.

The problem with Dirk is sure, you give me all these stats to make me think he’s that good. But he does not produce results. Think about it the Mavs finish with 55 wins. If Dirk is as good as you say he is PLUS all star caliber players in Caron Butler, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion and 2 7 footers plus a deep bench: then they should’ve been the best team in the NBA, 60 wins at least. Yet they only finished with 5 wins ahead of the THUNDER. The Thunder only has one superstar, Kevin Durant and only one other all star caliber player in Russell Westbrook who’s not even there yet, plus they’re the youngest team in the NBA.

Dirk may average whatever stats but he’s got to give me the wins. He’s got the most talented teammates in the NBA. Even more than the Kobe has.

Bottom line, who care what his stats are, lik the 4th quarter shooting or clutch or whatever. If he doesn’t give enough wins that doesn’t matter. Great players provide wins. If they provide a lot of wins with less talentened teammates like Durant and Wade, that deserves praise. Did Dirk provide enough wins with that Mavs roster? 55? No.. especially not if you compare Durant’s 50 wins.

What do you think about that.


Ok let’s put things into perspective


Dirk has:

All of which are at their PRIME except Kidd


Nash ONLY has:


All of which are at their prime except Hill

Both teams finish with identical records. Also, both teams faced the Spurs. The Mavs lost in 6. The Suns are currently up 2-0

You say that Dirk’s teammates didn’t produce, that Dirk carried the load by himself. Being a leader, you should GET YOUR TEAMMATES INVOLVED. Nash is being a leader. How bout Dirk?

It’s not all about being clutch. Were is Dirk during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter?
You make a great case for Dirk making the ALL NBA 1ST team over Kevin Durant, but i don’t think its good enough Kevin Durant had much less to work with then Dirk and he had very Similar stats. Kevin Durant means much more to his team than Dirk and this is why i believe he made it over Dirk.

I respect your opinion alot as i hope you respect mine.

You bring up some good points… We can make similar arguments for Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash, Deron Williams, or for Chris Bosh to make ANY All-NBA Team

When it comes to voting, I think they ignore clutch play and look at the stats. NBA.com wrote Durant was selected since he led the league in scoring and free-throw makes. (Plus he was 2nd in the MVP race so they HAD to put him on the first team.) Heck, when it came to Kobe, they never mentioned his game-winning shots.

Honestly, I like Dirk over Durant

No. Nowitzki is always expected to be at his best and carry the Mavs to another playoff spot. Durant, however, carried a clearly lottery bound team to a major suprise matchup w/ the defending champs, the Lakers. No one expected Durant to burst out like this in his 3RD YEAR! He’s 21, and still has a lot of room to grow.

No, I think Durant deserves it this year. A lot of sports analysts expected the Thunder to improve this year but getting 50 wins was totally unexpected. Durant led his team to the playoffs despite odds stacked against them (young and inexperienced) and almost managed to upset the champs in the first round.

Dirk was a beast this season (again) but the Mavs were expected to easily advance to the post season and some even predicted them to go all the way to the WCF. This might be the reason why he wasn’t chosen in the first team. As good as he is, there is probably more expectations from him than from KD.

Excellence like this is expected from Dirk. Durant was supposed to take another few years in some peoples opinion. In my opinion, Durant’s early blooming is most likely the reason he got the nod over Dirk for first team.

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