REALLY early halloween costume ideas…sexy?

My friend is having this really really early halloween party. she calls it a ”halloween hurry up and come” party. There are going to be a lot of guys there, and i want to look pretty sexy. my bra size is a C, almost a D but not quite. do you have any suggestions? or any comments? i will pick the first best one as the best answer. thanks!

french maid, playboy bunny, nurse

depends how old you are though…. dont konw if those would be approprite or not for you age…

how about a Brittney spears or Madonna.and wear those shirts that go up to your chest.THAT will look SEXY.

go as a busty booty pirate … www.trashy.com has great costumes …
or do a search for clubwear … you will find some cute &amp: sexy costumes


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