if two identical twin girls marry two identical guys and have children? will their children look alike?

theres a chance they will be but DNA is very complex and weird. . . sometimes it skips a generation and some kids actually look more like their grandparents, uncles, or aunts but still retain some of the looks of their parents. . . you get it?

They will look alike as brothers and sisters do. Think about it, a couple can have several children and they all look different. It would be like that.

The weird thing is since identical twins have identical DNA, both couples would come out in DNA tests as all the childrens parents, and the children would come out as brothers and sisters. There was a local court case where a girl slept with a set of identical twins and she got pregnant. Since both guys came out as the father on DNA tests the judge just picked one and made him the legal father and he had to pay child support.

No, they wouldn’t, any more than the children of non-twins. Genetics doesn’t work that way. There are always myriad possibilities for how the child will look. Just for starters, Mark and Lisa could have a boy, and Robyn and Luke could have a girl. &quot:Identical&quot: has just been blown right out of the water, before we ever get around to hair and eye color, or height, or skin tone, or anything.. Twins have to spin the DNA Wheel of Fortune just like everybody else. They do not produce clones of themselves.

There are so many pieces of the genetic puzzle…so many combinations…Mom’s nose, dad’s eye’s mom’s chin with dad’ smile…

Plus it’s not just mom and dad who come into play. You have to consider the genes they are carrying that they don’t display themselves. My hubby and I both have green eyes, but out daughter’s eyes are blue. Both of her her grandpa’s have blue eyes. So she got genes we carried but didn’t display.

In short, they could have kids that look just like twins or they could all look completely different. It depends on how the pieces fit together.

WOW that’s a thinker! I’ll have to ponder that one fo a while. I do think that they would come out looking like siblings instead of cousins. That would be too wierd I think, if my cousin looked like my sister.

huh???? thats a weird question.

good question!

give it a try and you’ll see :o))

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