Another 12/21/12 doomsday question XD. Nibiru questions?

I don’t believe in the doomsday, first off.
I just wanna know something about NIbiru. Nasa themselves said that it doesn’t exist. 2012hoax themselves said nibiru doesn’t exist.
If NIbiru was real though-
Where would we be able to see it in the sky?
How big is it?
Who was the first person to say anything about nibiru? some people say it was the mayans, other people say it was some hippies in the 1980s
Did ancient civilizations call Jupiter ‘nibiru’?
And some people say that nibiru is hidden by chemical trails. What exactly are chemtrails, and how would they effect the environment? (if they did, I don’t know anything about them)
Final question- If nibiru did exist, and it was close to us, how would it effect us? The moon controls tidal waves and some other things. What would nibiru do?
Thank you for your time and answers!

Nibiru (the fake planet) was invented in 1967 for a story (The Twelfth Planet, by Zechariah Sitchin). In the original story (before the idea and name were stolen for the Big 2012 Hoax), Nibiru is on a very long orbit around the Sun, bringing it into the inner solar system every 3700 years or so. In the original story, the next return was &quot:scheduled&quot: for the year 2085 (to match another hoax: the Age of Aquarius in which Zechariah believed).

From the details given in the original story, IF (a big if) Nibiru were to arrive near Earth in December 2012, it would presently be much brighter than Venus (presently the very bright &quot:star&quot: in the morning sky), but not as bright, and not as large, as the Moon. Nibiru would be close enough to be seen as a disk (as opposed to a pinpoint) without a telescope.

In the original story, Sitchin claimed that the Babylonians (Sumerians) knew about this planet (they did not, as they used the name Nibiru for the planet we call Jupiter). The Mayans certainly were never mentionned in relation with Nibiru, until the creation of the Big 2012 Hoax, during the summer of 2003. All the &quot:Mayan predictions&quot: that have to do with 2012 were invented during the summer of 2003, except for the &quot:end of the Mayan calendar&quot: which is a lie invented in 1987 by JosГ© ArgГјelles.

&quot:Chemtrails&quot: are inventions of people who believe in &quot:conspiracies&quot:. According to them, when a high-flying jet plane leaves a contrail, that contrail contains chemicals prepared by &quot:the government&quot: (since most of these people are Americans, they usually mean the American government) in order to keep us dumb — to prevent us from understanding what is going on.

Real scientists know that contrails are the result of fuel exhaust in over-saturated air at low pressure.

Real chemical trails do exist: they are normally done at very low altitude and contain insecticide spray. Small planes fly over crop fields (usually cereals) and spray the chemical that will control (kill off) the insects living on the plants. The spray forms a trail behind the small plane, and it eventually falls on the field. Sometimes the wind pushes it away from the field and onto houses, where it really does affect people. But it is a very local event (covers a very small area).

In the 1967 story, Nibiru is a planet larger than Earth. Therefore, it would start affecting us (tidal effects, perturbation of orbits, etc) a few months before getting close to us. However, it would also have tossed Mars out of the Solar system a long time ago, and Earth’s orbit would have been disrupted millions of years ago. To make this less probable, the hoaxers have added that Nibiru is on a polar orbit (relative to the Sun) and would approach Earth from &quot:above the South pole&quot:. The hoaxers think that most people do not know about the international observatory located at the South pole.

If a planet that bright was coming from above the South pole, it would be visible to ALL people living south of the Equator (South America, Africa, Australia, etc.) and they would certainly not miss it — by now, it would be bright enough to cast a shadow at night.

In the story (The Twelfth Planet), there are people on Nibiru: they are our creators. They made us to be their slaves and our job is to dig for gold, which they need for their survival. Every time they come close, they collect &quot:their&quot: gold. In the story, Nibiru never hurts Earth.

The fake planet used in the Big 2012 Hoax is based on Nancy Leider’s Planet-X, a rogue planet (rogue = not in orbit around the Sun) that passes through the Solar system and passes too close to Earth. According to Nancy’s story, she was told all this by aliens who also gave her the date on which we would all die if we did not accept their help: May 13, 2003.

&quot:Nibiru&quot: is an ancient Babylonian word. They used it to describe a nebula and it was their name for the planet Jupiter. Zecharia Stitchen in 1976 wrote a book called The 12th Planet where he claimed he had translated some ancient Sumerian texts talking about Nibiru (Nibiru never had any connection at all to the Mayans until the last couple of years some nut cases tied the 2 hoaxes together, oh and by the way in real life the Maya never predicted the end of the world anyway). Stitchen was a liar and the texts he claimed to translate had nothing to do with Nibiru. In those days though very few people could translate Sumerian (Stitchen was not one of them). Nibiru was never supposed to hit the Earth nor was it a doomsday. Stitchen claimed the Annunaki, which were the Sumerian’s gods, were actually aliens living on this planet and they had bio-engineered humans to mine gold for them. He claimed that every few thousand years Nibiru would make a close pass by the Earth and the Annunaki would swoop in to collect their gold. That was about it. The next time he claimed they would be near was about 100 years from now. He never claimed it would hit the Earth, or cause any disasters, much less in 2012. There was another nutcase though named Nancy Leider who claimed aliens had &quot:chosen&quot: her to warn the Earth that Planet X was going to destroy the Earth in 2003……9 years ago. After that &quot:doomsday&quot: came and went just like all the others some nuts changed the Planet X hoax a little bit and cobbled it together with some other hoaxes. In this case Stitchen’s Nibiru and changed the date to cash in on the Maya hoax. In reality the Maya never predicted a doomsday, even if they had who cares? As to &quot:where it would be in the sky&quot: and &quot:how big it would be&quot: that’s kind of a moot point isn’t it? Considering that it’s all an incredible bunch of bulls***. You could imagine it wherever in the sky you want, and as large or small as you want.

I think you are correct. THere is no way life could survive on a rock like that for any length of time. The only way I could possibly suspect that Nibiru is real is if was a gas giant, or some other form of planet that generates its own heat. A lot of people say that Nibiru is just a &quot:war&quot: planet that the anunaki hop on to go this direction. I personally think it’s BS. There is another planet (maybe) that is outside of pluto’s orbit, which is just a tad larger than pluto, but I do not know if it qualifies as a planet since pluto is not a planet any longer.

&quot:And some people say that nibiru is hidden by chemical trails. What exactly are chemtrails, and how would they effect the environment?&quot:

The level of male bovine solid waste product people resort to in order to explain why Nibiru cannot be seen never ceases to amaze me.

&quot:Chemtrails&quot: are just vapour trails which form behind high-flying aircraft. You’ve seen ’em, I’ve seen ’em. We’ve both seen that when they occur they cover a minute fraction of the sky- and at random positions at that. And somebody wants you to believe that a non-existent planet is hidden behind them? Good grief.

You say you don’t believe in this stuff, then you start asking questions that presume it does exist.

It is all standard B.S. You’re adding some new crap about chemtrails to the story, which is novel, to say the least. The chemtrails thing makes me laugh. I’m over forty years old. Way back in the 1970s in small town Oklahoma, there were often contrails in our sky. They have existed since we have had jet travel and are nothing more than water vapor condensing in the wake of the jet engines. It took you young millennial children to think you are the first to see them and instantly decide that they are evidence of a mind control conspiracy. You kids are so cute with your nut-case ideas.

If Nibiru was real, we would be able to see it now like we see the moon (if it’s size was pretty close to earth’s). It wouldn’t do much in terms of gravity apart from battle with the moon’s weaker gravity for control of the tides.

&quot:I don’t believe in the doomsday, first off. &quot:

Of course you do. Why else would you ask?

&quot:Where would we be able to see it in the sky?&quot:

Anywhere you want to pretend to see it. It’s imaginary.

&quot:How big is it?&quot:

As big as you think it is, it’s imaginary.

&quot:Who was the first person to say anything about nibiru?&quot:

Zach Stickpin. He got his information off a Babylonian toilet paper roll.

&quot:some people say that nibiru is hidden by chemical trails&quot:

Yes, there ARE a lot of loonies out there.

&quot: If nibiru did exist, and it was close to us, how would it effect us?&quot:

To start with… we’d be able to see it.


I don’t know where we would be able to see Nibiru in the sky, as it is a complete fabrication, and as for what it would do, no more than any other distant planet…. (Neptune, say)

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