Will Mufflers from a 2005 Mustang GT fit on a 2003 Mustang V6?

I seen a great offer on some mufflers for a 2005 Mustang GT.
I have a 2003 mustang V6.
I had my money ready to buy them but someone just told me they wouldn’t fit. will they fit or not?

They will fit, with minor modifications.

v8 exhaust on mustangs is usually 2.5 inch pipe
v6 exhaust is usually 1.75 or so inches….

USUALLY the v8 exhaust WILL fit the v6 mustangs…its a very common mod called &quot:GT Take-Offs&quot:

Like i said though, you’ll need an adaptor pipe or needa goto a muffler shop and have them Weld it up for you!
Obviously the v8 pipe is alittle wider than the v6 so the muffler shop will just cut and stretch a piece of pipe to make it fit….or use some kind of adapter piece.

It depends on if you want a 4.6 liter or a 5.0 liter the 5.0 is a tried and true way. I have a friend that races in the real street class. And he has a the 302 with some modifications he is running in the low 10 second range. I had a 1997 GT and a 2003 SVT and I also had a 87,89 and a 1993. I loved them all the new look from 05-09 is a good running machine and is a nostalgic tribute to the mustangs of old. If you want the most bang for your buck as far as a turn around for your cash you want a convertible simply because there was less made. Hope this helps. Uncle Rob

As a bolt in… they will not work. The 2005+ cars have an axle back exhaust setup. You could buy them and cut the tubes and have a shop weld them in but that just takes away from the &quot:great offer&quot: and makes just buying a cat back for your car much more affordable.

they won’t fit the stock v6 system.. never buy used mufflers….

maybe. it will sound lke crap tho

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