WHY are American troops in the Middle East? Can you remind me?

I forgot. What was the reason again?

Why are teenagers and young men and women being sent off to kill and be killed?

Wrong section.

1. Osama bin Laden who was eliminated this year.
2. Because Saddam Hussein who was &quot:executed&quot: years ago had weapons of mass destruction which he obtained from US!
3. To protect us in the &quot:War Against Terror.&quot:
These are the official reasons.
Real reason – to make the military-industrial complex and the oil industry PLUS CRONIES in the govt. WEALTHIER

Manifest Destiny

Its because right now Oil is where the money is, so any way to get it is ‘worth’ it to those who exploit it. Afganistan has nothing, never did, never will. For hundreds of years foolish nations have sought to invade it or civilise it, to no avail. Hence, Afganistan where terrorists enjoy life is virtually ignored for the far more lucrative oil fields of Iraq.

Once we capture saddam Hussein and dismantle the WMDs our troops will come home immediately.

Their Government wants the oil. Oh and against the war on terror supposidly.

The military is volunteer, it always has something to do with oil though or terrorism.

Officially, the reason is to defend the USA.

Unofficially, but likely more accurately, it was to overthrow Saddam Hussein!

Because they are following orders. This is the only reason.

To help them re-establish a just and verdant society.

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