When are Jesse and Fetus going to make their debut on Smackdown?

They’ve been airing promos for them since like May.

Well, apparently they have been in a cupple of dark matches, (matches off-air shown either before or after the show is on TV) or so I have heard.

But they will probably make their actual debut some time after Summerslam. WWE didn’t want to involve them before Summerslam, because they would probably just get in the way of other story lines, and they would have to find other wrestlers for them to fued whith. On top of that, if they were to debut before summerslam, Triple h and Reys return probably won’t have as much of an impact. So after summerslam, when some of the fueds will have ended, thats when they will give them their debut, because thats when they can afford to spend more tim developing their characters.

Hope this helps!

Protbably next week since the promos stoped. And they have been competitng in dark matches for the last two weeks.

they’re probally just getting the crowd excited for their debut by airing these promos and putting them in dark matches which i hear the fans are cheering them

HAHAHA Jesse and Fetus, it’s Festus, and hopefully sometime soon, probably the week after summerslam.

Either they are going to debut soon, or they’re going to be a tagteam with no airtime, just promos.

Seems like in early September

Hopefully WWE will just scrap that idea. It is a pretty lame gimmick.

they’ve been in dark matches on velocity for a while now

WWE.com will tell ya


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