What do you see the bigger differences are between McCain & Huckabee & Obamah?

Especially on…
US being in Iraq.
Marriage is defined as being between one man &amp: one woman.
Human life starts at conception.
Border Security.
Blessing Israel.

What do you want to know first? McCain is unsure if he is
a liberal or a conservative. He votes one way than another.
Huckabee is very definitely a Republican Conservative.
Obama is a Liberal Democrat. McCain believes in the troops
in Iraq. although he would move to get most of them out before too long.
Huckabee does not have a clear output on Iraq
Obama would have the troops home super fast!
Marriage between the sexes they all agree in marriage
The republicans take the stand on human life starts at conception.
Obama I have not heard his comments or beliefs.
McCain living in Arizona is very much into controlling the
The other two I haven’t heard any of their strong points on the subject.
Blessing Israel. all three are very careful about what they bless when it comes to Israel.

GO to the Web site It has all the INFO

No &quot:h&quot: at the end of Obama

War in Iraq.. That is it

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