Question for those who have adult step children?

My 20 y/o daughter was visiting her father and she got into a huge argument with her step mother. The step mom is nagging constantly at her dad (my ex) and my daughter couldn’t take it anymore, so she told her step mother point blank what she thought of her childish ways.

My daughter is now on her way back to my home. She tried to apologize to her step mother for stepping into something that is not her business but she wouldn’t hear anything, she locked herself in a bedroom and will not talk to anyone.

For the step mom out there, what would it take for you to get out of your bedroom and accept an apology?

Sounds like alot more is going on there than your daughter. If stepmom locked herself in a bedroom and did the &quot:na na, I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you&quot: routine, it sounds like she’s got plenty of other issues, probably dealing with anger, confrontation, discussing problems rationally, etc.

So, your daughter did the right thing – she apologized. Nothing else to do. Let her father handle it from here – it sounds like the wife probably does this to him too.

Wow, good luck with that.

Wow as a step mom I think locking herself in her bedroom is a pity party. Sounds childish and sounds like your daughter did the right thing really! Maybe she needed to hear it! Your ex is in the hard position! 2 women he loves battling.

All you can do is have daughter send her an apology card to show her she tried and Dad see’s this too. What she does from there is her own stupidity!

Let her lay in the bedroom. Does Dad know. What does he say?

Your daughter sounds more mature than her Stepmom!

Good luck and just have open arms when she arrives.

I can’t even tell you the issues that I have had with my stepdaughter, but I’ve never locked myself in a room. However, to answer your question, we resolve our issues with a hug. We agree to disagree and she is just 16. She loves me and I love her. It doesn’t sound as though that’s the case for your daughter and her step. The step sounds unreasonable and – well – immature. Your daughter did the right thing by trying to apologize. If the step isn’t willing to hear it, what can you do? Your daughter is an adult and has to deal with her own relationships, including the one she will or will not have with her step. It’s hard to see this as a mom – I know.

Do what your daughter should have done and stay out of it. Stepchildren have an uncanny way of demanding more respect from a stepparent than they are willing to give. Whether stepmother is right or wrong I am not willing to say because I don’t know how much she’d been provoked. Maybe this was her way of holding her tongue rather than take a chance on making things worse. Perhaps your daughter could send her a note and mind her p’s and q’s in the future. Your daughter overstepped her bounds, both in chastising her stepmother and toting tales back to you.

I think there is a lot going on, maybe more than your daughter is telling you. It sounds like the step mom needs to grow up and locking herself in a bedroom is not the answer. I think the two of them needs to get together in a neutral environment and talk things out. Maybe your daughter still hasn’t accepted the fact her dad is not married to you. Maybe your daughter could also write it out in a letter how she feels, and her appology! I think that maybe your daughter needs to also talk to her dad about her feelings… Best of luck

If the person truely loved her husband she would have accepted the apology from his daughter for his sake. Sounds like she may use the mess to make his life even more miserable blaming him for the daughter’s behaviour.

Tell your daughter not to worry, just call her father and tell him she is sorry and then all will be well with him.

Good Luck

There are always two sides to every story. I would either talk to your ex and find out what exactly happened and figure out a solution to fix the problem. Or let them figure it out. Your daughter is an adult and should be given the opportunity to handle her own problems maybe with just a little guidance.

Just read the other posts and agree that the stepmom has a low maturity level. This poor man. I’ll bet he married her because she was hot, only to find out later she had been abused, abandoned, or who knows what and now he’s got a lot of bagge to handle.

properly i think of that the pc economic element is crap. She had no corporation observing your economic information and assured had no corporation thinking you approximately purchases. i think of if it bothers you that lots approximately them coming over then you quite ought to sit down down with your husband and enable him be conscious of your emotions. It takes 2 to make a courting artwork no remember if that be a husband and a spouse or step-discern and step-childrens. Now that they are grown what you do must be none of their undertaking.( not that it grew to become into while they have been childrens the two). i could have that talk. stable luck!!!!

The lady is off her rocker. You can’t talk sense to a crazy woman. Don’t bother.

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