Dominant Yorkie-Poo?

I have a Yorkie-Poo, and he is going to be 2 years old in May. My whole family loves him, but he is becoming rather dominant. He can be so sweet one moment, sunbathing and rolling over to let us scratch his belly, then the minute he finds a sock he runs into a secluded corner and rips it to shreds, while growing and showing his teeth to us if we get too close. He normally acts fine, but it is hard to pick him up because the minute he feels your hands on his sides he tries to bite. He whines and barks when he wants something. He is a very intelligent dog, I often think he has an internal clock, and he follows commands well, so he never got obedience training. When he doesn’t like something (like getting groomed), he whines loudly. He has been housebroken since he was a few months old. We play with him and take him on walks, we all love him, but it often feels like he doesn’t care about our love, just us feeding him.

This is probably not going to be a popular answer, but it’s what I did with my dogs when they were puppies. Every time they bit me or started acting out, I smacked their nose with my hand and told them loud and firm-NO. If I were you I would do it every time he bites or growls at you. It lets him know about pain–I know that sounds awful, but it’s what he’s doing to you–and it’s punishment. If he was a puppy, it would be different, but by now he knows what he’s doing, You might feel bad for hitting him, but it’s to teach him, not torture him. It’s not to late for training classes, if you’d rather do that, but this worked fine for my dogs and they’re not afraid of me, they just know what not to do.

There are several issues in your question. First you need to understand life from his point of view. Most people do not realize that dogs do not view us as humans. They see us as part of their PACK (like wolves). In ALL packs there are alpha, beta, etc males and females. A dog rolling on his back to be petted is a submissive behavior that tells you he is lower in rank than you in the pack. He may be attempting a change in rank if he feels he should be higher on the pecking order. Especially if there are no/few other males in competition. You need to reassure him that he is a valued member of the pack.

Second, the behavior with the sock is anti-social. Lower pecking order means not as much access to food (snatch and hide). It is also used to get your attention. Just like children they need to know they are still part of the pack. When he displays the aggressive behaviors and you turn him over it is the same as saying, &quot:I know you want to be the boss, but you can’t, so, there!&quot:

You need to see if there have been changes in your home that could have affected this switch in him. More or less people in the home, moving, new pet, change of feeding time or amount, time spent with the family and his aging are all factors that can lead to these behaviors.

As for the reaction around other dogs, that’s all territorial. In essence he is saying, &quot:This is my pack, I say what goes and you’re not welcome to join so you better go away&quot:. He is issuing a threat and feeling threatened at the same time. He runs behind you because you are still leading the pack and are there to back him up.

You are going to have to give him some tough love. Be direct and firm when he misbehaves. If he snaps or growls, pluck him firmly on the nose and give him a firm &quot:NO&quot:. Do not force him to submit to you by rolling him over. Let him know you are the boss but he is still important. When he growls in public, stop walking, get down eye-to-eye (or as close as possible), DO NOT pick him up, grab his muzzle and tell him to stop. Behaviors, just like housebreaking take time and training.

Remember also, to reward him for doing the things he does well. Just like you feel like he doesn’t care about your love he may feel you don’t appreciate his importance in the family. Let him know when he’s done a good job.

I have a maltepoo with similar personality traits, the whining and barking, the grooming as well.
I have gained some success by watching Caesar, the dog trainer on the discovery channel, he is totally amazing!!
The pup has to understand that you are the pack leader not him. Once you watch Caesar you will understand. On grooming, I gave some treats to begin with to help calm him and when his behavior is bad say, hey with authority, not yelling though: do not call him by his name. This way he does not associate his name as bad when he is being corrected. I bathed and groomed my maltepoo last week without one problem!! Animals read your body language and know when you are serious about what you are asking them to do. Animals are alot like people, they want balance in their life like we humans do. Have your family be on the same page with training and the fun as well. Good luck!

It sounds like your dog is the CEO in your household. To turn his behaviour around, you’ll have to change the way your family interacts with the dog. I’m not for smacking him around the head, I would certainly not advise you to go down to his level and look him in the eyes: chances are that your nose or any other part of your face will pay the consequences.
You need to (re)train your dog under the guidance of a licensed animalbehaviourist (or what you may call them in your country).
And of course he doesn’t care that you love him: he’s a dog! The fact that he apparently likes food a lot is a bonus: food motivated dogs are easier to train.
Good luck!

hi brian, as in case you haven’t any longer adequate on your plate already what mutually along with your better half being sick and pregnant, now your doggies! properly, its no longer something that your better half has handed on, doggies are no longer able to capture some ingredient from us like that. Your doggies have picked up a germ from someplace and curiously its a 40 8 hour ingredient because of the fact the little boy is on the mend, albeit slowly! properly achieved for booking the vets for day after on the instant, its continually passable to be on the safeguard component. you have achieved your passable to maintain them hydrated and that i’m precise thats helped a high quality deal, particularly with the ailment. they are going to be good adequate i’m specific of it, supply up traumatic, the vet will placed your concepts at entertainment. good good fortune with the canines and congratulations on the being pregnant, i will enable you recognize’ll be a high quality dad, you have obtained compassion on your pets and likewise you care.

Watch the tv program &quot:The Dog Whisperer.&quot: He’ll give you all the answers you need.
The man is incredible!

your dog has dual trust issues, my cat had this too, you just have to pet the dog when its agressive, if it bites or is mean keep talking to it calmly and petting it, its painful at first but most pets get over this, if this doesnt work i would talk to a dog trainer!

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