Proving that God exists?

I want to try an experiment. This is where I am going to try and prove to you that God exists. Follow what I say and see the outcome for yourself.

I personally know without a shadow of a doubt that God exists. One of the ways I found out how I can get closer to God is by talking to him and being honest with him about everything in my life and by pouring out my heart and soul to him for e.g I lay down in my bed and just talk to God in my mind about everything going on in my life. If I feel depressed I tell him exactly how I feel, if I am also angry with somebody I tell him exactly how I feel. I talk to God about what is going on in my life. I don’t hide anything from him I tell him every single thing that is going on. So for persons who don’t believe in God and who don’t believe he exists would you be willing to try what I say about talking to God honestly and telling him exactly how you feel about everything in your life and then waiting for him to answer you in some way?

First off God ask that we have faith in his existences… Now as for why I totally believe that God exist… Is because many of my prayers have been answered.. Now I know that everyone can come up with a justification for that but I know that God existences is the only way that what I prayed for could ever be come a reality… And the presence that I felt left me with no doubt about the reality of God… Now all of you are free to believe as you see fit.. For that is one of Gods greatest gift to man-kind… But as fa as I am concern God himself is the greatest gift that man-kind will every have……….

No. That doesn’t work. I drove myself literally crazy talking to God about my life every night. Every night I’d pour out my heart and soul to &quot:God,&quot: because I believed he’d comfort me by sending me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I got nothing but therapy after I snapped.

And after speaking to him what should I expect to happen? I tried all that as a kid and nothing happened. Isn’t doing the same thing over and over again the definition of insanity?

I get closer to the invisible pink unicorn in the same way. I hope that you will try to get closer to her. She is sooo awesome!.

And that’s supposed to make us believe how…?

Does he seriously talk back to you? If so maybe you should see someone about the voice.

Talking to the air is a bit strange, but not that unusual, most people call it thinking out loud. but if you ever hear a voice that isn’t there respond, you probably need help.

yes, now go tell a mental hearth expert that you talk to someone whom cannot be seen, and that they talk back to you.

if you never mention &quot:god&quot: i’m sure you will wind up on medication, or in the loony bin.

I believe in god, but every time i try talking to him, my mind dozes of, and then I go OH OH! OMGOSH! and I start again.
But I think I’ll try it again.

You want me to talk to myself and pretend that I’m talking to an invisible &quot:supreme being&quot:???

And it’s going to respond, how???

I’m supposed to pretend that it’s talking to back to me???

This is not proof of anything… it’s an exercise in silliness.

I would very much like to see an amputee have their limb restored right in front of me.

No need to quibble about diagnosis or effectiveness of treatment. Plain as day obvious.

This is not unreasonable considering we are talking about your God.

That’s not proof, that is a signal for you to go to a shrink.

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