Poll: Do you support or oppose gay marriage?

support for sure, im an happy lesbo


I support gay marriages. marriage is first and foremost a personal choice. the government (and all you conservatives and overly-religious people) should not interfere with people’s personal lives. the answer is very simple and I do not get you conservatives. who are you to tell a atheist gay couple they can’t get married? if you not like gay marriage, then DON’T get one. but DON’T infringe upon the personal lives of other people, and ESPECIALLY if you don’t even know them. I don’t see why you conservatives can’t mind your own business.

I dont help it nor do i oppose it I dont discriminate against gays, i think of its propose, so what in the event that they love a similar intercourse, is it that misguided? Its their selection why dont some human beings basically ideas their own company.. I additionally get particularly mad whilst somebody makes use of the be conscious gay as an insult cuz it shouldnt be, it particularly offends human beings. Love is love acceptable? the gender doesnt particularly count huge form to me. however i nevertheless choose adult males, yet gays ought to have their rights and individuals shouldnt manage them any diffrent from themselves by using fact of who they love and who they are. And whoever says some thing like its immortal or incorrect, why is that their issue? its particularly particularly none of their company, they shouldnt butt in into others peoples love lifes and manage a gay individual undesirable by using fact of their opinion its incorrect.


I think they should be entitled to the same legal and taxation rights as straight couples but I dont think there marriage should be recognized in religions if the religion doesnt wish to.

I support it, live and let live – there is no harm being done and if the marriage is a good marriage, this is a good example to set to people.

I oppose gay marriage, that’s ridiculous!


I don’t support or oppose it…each to their own.

To oppose it, is to be a complete eejit in my books.

I totally support the right to it.

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