My boyfriend really hurt his ribs, kinda my fault?

i was at my boyfriends house and we were making out and i was laying on top of him and i had to get off for a sec and i heard this loud POP and he rolled to the side in pain! [this had to be, maybe 3 weeks ago, 4 maybe was around labor day] i didn’t lay on him after that but still to this day he has horrible pains in his ribs. it hurts if people hit him there, i feel bad i did this. i keep telling him to tell someone but he wont do it. what should i do? i cant tell people we were making out and i might of broken his ribs. btw im not big im 5’3&quot: and like 110 lbs at the most but my boyfriends so skinny, hes almost 6ft and like 135-140 lbs

he needs to get his chest x-rayed. his ribs may be fractured. he doesn’t have to tell the dr. what happened. if they are broken, the can puncture a lung.

well usually when u hear something pop and its not a joint in the body- u know something is wrong-but if it was really broken he could had felt the bone though unless it just crakced- which it would heal on its own i think not sure but safest is doctor

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