What’s the funniest bathroom graffiti you’ve ever read?

For me I saw this above a urinal

You’ve Got the Whole World in your Hand

Don’t look here for anything funny, the jokes down there!!


I don’t know, there were just arguments over iCarly and how &quot:awesome&quot: she is and how much she sucks written all over the place…
But in the girls locker room in the gym someone drew a guys lowers all together on the wall…
it was interesting….

in Iraq I saw this above a urinal

read me

I saw one that was pointing to the wall and there was a target and it was like a dart target but it said pee here and there where arrows pointing to it.

There’s a spider under the Seat!!!!

thats awesome

i saw written on the door &quot: i pooped here. jealous?&quot:

haha its really not as funny as yours but it made me laugh. like who writes that?

I think it was…

&quot:Sam was here.&quot:

then someone wrote &quot:Sam is a Fing b*tch&quot: with an arrow pointed to Sam’s comment.

haha. Reminded me of the, who was it… Dane Cook?… joke.

from Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd is taking a piss, than he looks at his watch.


Don’t the tiolet seat… eat a whore.

It doesn’t make any sense at all.

You in there Jonny?

ahahaha. I cracked up!

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