What makes life worth living?

We usually ask in different ways like what is life.. what is the purpose of life.. why am I born…but, what I want is more on a positive side than a pessimistic side of thinking that life is meaningless.. so what? Still what makes life worth living?

&quot:What makes life worth living&quot:, awesome question.
This is only my opinion but I think that, having a positive effect on people is what you should live for. No matter how small of an effect you have on people as long as its good, you can create an impact on the world.
This is what we are here for. We are all here to change the world in one way or another.

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Life worth by itself: have u ever been at a river cascade shore, or soaking your barefoot in a clear stream, have u ever been in a blossom garden, earing a singing colorfull bird, have u ever, smell and teaste a honey bee combe, have u ever asist a caw or horse at the moment of delivering her baby, have u ever planted a small tree and revisit same place 2 year after, have u ever walked taking the hand of that young girl dreaming and specting that very wonderfull first KISS. if u have not ? when u get it u will know, what makes life worth? and many other small thing wich let u know why God bother creating u. Have a wonderfull day.

Stop asking rude questions [wink]

The fact that you can do any loving, caring,immoral, obscene,a aggressive,tender,meek,shameless,honest,… thing that you want to in it. Its ALL yours. Not to mention the fact that it will help us understand the meaning of death. What would death be without life, and what would life be without death?

love. a hug, a smile, a handshake, or a simple smile. it all comes out the same way because what it is is LOVE! here’s a star!! ! luv ya!

love, the earth’s beauty, the chance to do something amazing/worthwhile/meaningful, the love your children/friends/family gives you. all of those make life worth living.
Think of the things you’ve done, had a child? donated to charity? helped a friend? you were born to be here for those things.

im 22 and had the whole reality of life just hit me recently around @ 21. well i have personally been thinkin of this what u just asked… my answer wud b finding that &quot:mission&quot: in life, that one thing tht u never get tired of, something spontaneous, that is naturally u, that u genuinely like and doing it again n over again, exceling in it, and using it to help the world n finding ur place in this world thru that purpose.

For me at least, so many things, such as:

spending time in the internet ( yahoo, google, youtube, disney ):

reading good books:

talking with my friends:

eating good food and deserts:

sleeping and dreaming:

spending time with my family…

And a few other things.

What makes life worth living, is interacting with people you love the most and a chance to be succesful and accomplish things and learning from mistakes!
Also finding things to believe in, seeing the world and being happy.

Life is worth living because life is the only thing you are given and you should use it and be happy!

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