What is Wrong with Republicans?

There was a story in Yahoo!News that i just saw about
Republicans blocking a legislation that would cut the tax breaks of oil companies that achieved unreasonable profits. What is wrong with Republicans in congress? Are they completely controlled by the Big Oil Company lobbyists? Everyone is pissed off about gas prices and how the government doesn’t do anything, and when the government tries to do something the Republicans block it, and even if it got through it says that President Bush said that he would veto it. And then they even vetoed a second legislation that would allow oil companies to keep this unreasonable profits if they used these profits to further research into alternative fuel sources. They BLOCKED a bill that was trying to research alternative fuel sources, blocked it. What the hell is wrong with Republicans, don’t they care about what the people think and not the oil companies?

I think youre right. Even if they are doing it for capitalism or whatever reason, a government should take care of their people before they look after big businesses. And its very strange that they would be against research for alternative fuel…. Do what Im doing and move to Canada or the UK 😛

The liberal-conservative debate has been going on since the beginning of our country. People have different ideas about what the role of the government should be, about how much control the government should have over the citizens, and about the distribution of wealth. Some believe that it isn’t fair for some people to have more money and power than others, and that it’s government’s duty to level the playing field, while others believe that in a free society such as ours everyone has the same opportunities, and different outcomes are based on what each individual chooses to do with his or her opportunities. Most people fall somewhere in the middle, some lean towards the right, or conservative side and tend to vote Republican, others lean toward the left. or liberal side and tend to vote Democrat. There are also special interest groups such as labor unions which tend to favor Democrats, and churches which tend to favor Republicans. It can get complicated, but free debate over the role of our government is one of the things that makes this country great.

Maybe Republicans saw a bigger picture ……..that taxing the US companies won’t have any effect on oil prices except to add a new tax here at home to the already heavily taxed gas prices . The federal government taxes gas @ 14 cents a gallon , then each state taxes gas .

The Democrats had a great dream – make oil companies &amp: Republicans the bad guys but offer no real solutions for gettting out from under OPEC’s thumb .

Where are we getting any relief by taxing the oil companies that will pass that tax on to consumers?

As of June 09 – Monday ………. OPEC had set the price of a barrel of crude oil at $130.87 but we can’t touch OPEC without them cutting off our supply.

What’s wrong with YOU? Look, it’s a basic rule of thumb in capitalism, which in case you’re a friggin 2 year old, you should know we live in one. That rule is businesses keep their profits. THEY earned, why should anyone who didn’t contribute to it, earn money? And even more so, why should our government take someone Else’s money? Yes, the oil companies made an un-godly amount of money, I agree, but why does that mean the US Government has the right to practically seize it because they’re selling an essential product in today’s world? So, it seems the Republicans are standing up to big government and Marxism. As to the second bill, did you notice how the government was trying to force them to spend money a certain way? Another clear violation of the free market

And exactly who is making the call as to how much is &quot:unreasonable&quot:?
That kind of arbitrary Liberal crap is what is unreasonable. The moron Libs that question the Republicans blocking this are totally clueless as to what would happen if they let this garbage socialist BS pass….they think gas is high now? Who would you blame then when gas went to $10.00 a gallon because of this stupidity that you want to happen because you think people would be &quot:getting even&quot:? Bush probably.
Not only that, but the same idiots are also clueless as to just how much the oil companies pay in taxes because even though those &quot:evil&quot: oil companies have those &quot:Republican&quot: tax breaks they pay staggering amounts of money in taxes, in fact they pay at least as much as they get in so called profits.

I’m sick of the whiners out there that think that because a company makes money that they can dictate how much is too much.
And you same people call Bush a dictator….piss off.

Republicans make money from their buddies in the oil business.

They want to continue to spend your tax dollars on themselves and thier buddies.

They think the oil companies know how to spend your hard earned money better than you do.

Oh yeah??? And how about the liberal Democrats keeping the U.S. from drilling in ANWAR? Or getting the 800 billion barrels of shale oil from the mid-northern states? The Dems proposal will only hurt the people finacially. But that is the Democratic Party way. They are also preventing the U.S. from building new nuclear power plants. The Dems are going to ruin us.

What the Heck is wrong with the stupid libral tree huggers that whont let us drill on American soil???

Thats the real question!!!

Socialist and communist countries dictate how much money a company can make.

I’m preaching to the converted but……yes, they are controlled by giant conglomerates.

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