Tea Party Members: Do you support gay marriage?

Since one of the core principles of the Tea Party movement is about personal liberties, would you support the repeal on the ban of gay marriage?

Well, the tea party has NEVER addressed social issues so your premise is not a good one to begin with, but to answer your Q, I would neither support nor oppose gay marriage. It is not the governments business and it is not mine either

I am a part of the tea party movement.

That being said, there should be NO FEDERAL LAW whatsoever about gay marriage one way or the other, so I would support getting rid of any federal law if one existed that addressed this issue in any way.
As far as states go, if a state wants to make a law regarding this issue and the people of the state want to vote on it, it would be none of my business unless I lived in that state.

Marriage no, civil union, yes.

-Marriage is essentially a religious institution and I don’t have to tell you that religion doesn’t exactly approve of homosexuality right? IF gay marriage was legalized some group or two idiots would try to force a church to marry them and if they didn’t would file a civil rights lawsuit. YOU KNOW THEY WOULD.

A Civil Union is a legal endeavor and would entitle a couple to each others property rights, retirement and health care. Perfectly sound reasoning.

Now, personally while I would have supported it……the gay community opted to throw full support behind Obama in hopes of gaining such a PRIVILEGE. They voted for their own best interest instead of what the countries best interest would be.
That said, I WILL NEVER, EVER support any legislation to forward that goal. You mutter truckers want to f*** with my life, have piece o’ cake bich!

Not a Tea Party member.

Why being a tea Party member would I want to discuss religion? As far as I know Marriage has been established and promoted by religion for about 5,000 years now. As far as gays, cousins, transvestites, people who love their dogs a lot, or anything else you can think of, if they want to live together and have the same rights as I do then let them have it. However for heavens sake can we leave marriage out the equation??? What is the problem with just having unions with the same rights of marriage and leaving the religion aspect out of the discussion.

&quot:Marriage is essentially a religious institution and I don’t have to tell you that religion doesn’t exactly approve of homosexuality right?&quot:

No it’s not. Marriage is a law contract. You need a marriage license to be recognized as being legal. You don’t even have to marry in a church nor does a pastor have to marry you. When you get a divorce, you go to court, not church.

And since married couples get tax breaks, wouldn’t marriage being a &quot:religious institution&quot: be a violation of the separation of church and state in this case?

That would be a question for society to answer, not just gay marriage supporters. Let the people vote on it.

marriage is between a man and a woman. gays are free to marry anyone of the opposite sex just like normal folks.


You have the same right to marry a person of the opposite sex that I do. (I’m not a tea party member by the way!)

Marriage is an institution of God, not the State, so No to that.

I have no issue however, with Civil Unions, with equal value.

Most of them are too full of religious bigotry and general hatred for mankind to support gay marriage. This is why religion is poison for stupid people.

No, no, no…when tea baggers say they’re fighting for personal liberty and freedom…they mean freedom for everyone who has their values and priorities. They don’t want people to be FREE free….they want people to be free to do what they would do.

See Larry Craig. He knows what they mean.

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