What will the final score be in tonights monday night football game?

35-28…another close game but the ravens offense will turn over the ball and the patriots wont…but the ravens defense knows how to contain the offense after the Philly game…and the ravens have some great athletes on their defense who can cause some major problems…

This one will be an embarrassing loss for Billick and his Ravens. They’re simply not very good this year. Their defense is worse than last year, and their offense is, as usual, terrible.

This one should be ugly. I’m picking 42-9

13-7 Baltimore
(Here’s hoping the wind accelerates going into the evening because I’m backing the wind tonight!)

31-10. I think the ravens defense will play well, but their offense will not, leaving the D on the field too long.


41-13 Ravens win

42 – 15, because I need Matt Stover to have a big night.
Ray Lewis chop blocks Tom Brady, and ends him career.
Look at it this way Pats fans, if this happens maybe Matt Cassel can help you to your perfect season.

The pats will win by 13

The spread is (-20) patriots on bo dog and I took it. so i am hoping its like 42-10

Patriots will roll as usual as long as mcgahee doesnt score I am good to go

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