Do &quot:liberals&quot: in America support terrorist acts of aggression, and if so, how do you know?

Let’s inspect the word ‘Terror’.
Terror = intense or overwhelming fear

Now let’s inspect ‘Terrorism’
Terrorism = violence or the threat of violence carried out for political purposes

Now lets inspect ‘Terrorist’
Terrorist = somebody who uses violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, to intimidate, often for political purposes.

Now you will agree that this is a two edged sword.
Some will argue that whilst there are Islamic Terrorists, others will argue that the Bush administration acts likewise.

Can anybody argue with this?

Well being a liberal and a democrat I can easily answer this one. NO…I do not support terrorist actions. That is a foolish question to begin with. Nor do I support blindly following any president down a rosy path to war. There were far greater threats than Iraq. To my knowledge, Bin Laden is still running free and creating propoganda. It was him that caused the 9/11 tragedy, not Saddam. I would think that would be the greatest priority of this administration rather than a retributionary war. There has been no conclusive evidence linking Iraq the terrorist of 9/11. Not one was Iraq was a hijacker causing these horrific tragedies. Why are we there???? Liberals die in terrorist actions as well as Republicants. Try being an American first and a party member secondly. Also listen to what others have to say and the reasons they object to actions by your president and his staff. These reasons might be far more valid than you can guess. Thank God we still have freedom of speech to say what we feel on issues. It is a good thing to fight an enemy that threatens us or harms us. Just make sure who the enemy is before you march off to war. Use our military to keep America safe, not vendetta for Daddy. You should not insinuate someone is not proudly American or patriotic because they do not agree with your politics. I find your question to be both stupid and insulting.

It’s a shame that most of the answers so far boil down to ripping one side or the other rather than actually answering this question.
Here’s how an independent who is not affiliated with ANY party sees it.
I don’t think the libs support acts of aggression by anyone. They tend to molly coddle those who are violent whether a terrorist or a murderer. The whole reasoning behind their thinking on the Menendez Brothers case a few years back was… you can’t put them in prison for life… they just lost their parents. Yeah, well, they were the one’s who killed their parents.
Now my own state senator Russ Feingold has commented that we shouldn’t use the term Islamo-fascist because it’s offensive to the terrorists. What the heck do I care what some terrorist FEELS about what I call him?
Through their actions, some libs have already shown support for anti-American people such as Danny Glover and Harry Belefonte’s recent appearance with Hugo Chavez. Hugo practically rolled out a red carpet invitation to the terrorists the other day while speaking at the U.N. By proxy, anyone supporting and applauding Hugo’s comments are also supporting anti-American sentiment thus supporting any harboring of terrorists Hugo does in the future. Watch for it ’cause I believe it’s going to happen and the libs will not distance themselves from Hugo if it does.
But as far as supporting violent acts? I don’t think the libs support it per se. They do, however, don’t condemn it either.

Have a great day!!!

Of course not. The Bush administration is running the country on the basis of fear. If everyone is afraid for their lives, the President can continue to ignore the constitution. Saying someone supports terrorism (or is unpatriotic) is all part of the dirty tactics used to blind people from the fact that our rights are being violated.

I’m pretty sure no American, liberal or otherwise would support terrorism. Stop listening to all the sh*t the Republicans in Washington and conservative pundits like Ann Coulter keep shoveling down your throat to make you blindly keep them in power out of fear.

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No you got it backwards!! It was your ilk who were supporting Hezbollah against Israel when Israel was clearly attacked!

Hezbollah uses Lebanon as a staging site against Israel!

Hezbollah are also terrorist supported by Iraq who happened to blow up the US Marine barracks in 1983 in Beirut killing 242!

That’s who you support!

Bush hasn’t gone after a terrorist yet!

They dont.

Conservatives seem to support acts of aggression against anyone who’s not a puppet for Bush.

not all liberals do but in saying that the ones that are undermining our security here not only support acts of aggression but encourage it by hobbling our intelligence community, leaking the ways we gather info, not allowing us to interrogate criminals and letting illegals run freely across our borders unmonitored and then run this country….just wait there will be another attack and they will blame it on the republicans and bush even though they have had a big hand in weakening us.

Absolutely not! Our very Liberal President Bush has been fighting the conservative terrorists.

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