Christians: would you vote for a presidential candidate who said he/she &quot:speaks with God&quot:?

over one who didn’t make such a claim? I mean, George W. Bush says he enjoys God’s counsel, and it seems to have worked out so well for him.

No I would not. Just because someone claims to &quot:speak with God&quot: doesn’t meant that they do and it will take more than that for a presidential candidate to get my vote.

I have a question for you: If you’re an athiest, why is every question you ask about God? Why do you even care? OK, I get that you’re trying to prove us ridiculous &quot:Christians&quot: wrong or make us look like the idiots we are for believing in something greater than ourselves, but every question? Unhealthy obsession of a confused athiest. I guess we should all just live by &quot:When you die, nothing happens.&quot: Then the world would be a better place. *Sarcasm*

Many think the Holy Spirit doesn’t work in their lives personally. But have you ever worried over a situation, and then had a realization. A thought came into your mind that better helped you understand the situation. That was the Holy Spirit comforting you. Or did you think you thought it up yourself?

Well some people may actually hear the word of God then theres some people that may not. One thing I have to say and I’m not a big bush supporter, but what if bush wouldn’t have done what he has done, do you think things would be better, or would things have gotten worse by more attacks from terrorists.

If he fit all the other criteria, sure why not? But not simply because he said that he spoke to God and the other person didn’t. You seriously need to talk to God. Its ok, He is listening.

I had an Egg McMuffin with God this morning and he said that wouldn’t be a good idea.

No one speaks with God, at least not as far as God speaking back. You can pray to God, but to say you have a conversation with him is to admit you are psychotic, or insane, or in Bush’s case, just a liar trying to get public sympathy.

As you know, I’m an atheist…. and I think it’s the height of delusion, or hypocrisy, or outright lying, to suggest that you converse with &quot:god&quot:.
A president who suggests this needs to be thrown out of office.

The worst part is that the rest of the world knows the President of the US hears voices and talks to imaginary friends. No wonder we’ve lost all international credibility.

Blair said recently that he kept his religious beliefs to himself, because, in his words, he thought people might label him a nutter.

I think he was right as well, in Britian, if Blair had come out with that, or in fact any politician, they would be ridiculed in the press, it would be political suicide.

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