8 week old puppy waking very early in the morning…I’m exhausted!?

I know that young puppy’s like our’s at only 8 weeks need to go outside a few times throughout the night to go to the bathroom. I expected that, but should I put the puppy right back in the crate after this until morning. WE have taken advice of other dog owners and started withholding food and water after 7pm in the hopes that the puppy will not need to go to the bathroom so often and can be trained to have better control. He does fine – I let him out about 2 times during the night and right back in the crate. Every morning about 4:30 or 5am instead of going back in the crate he will sit beside his bag of food and give me those puppy dog eyes. Should I feed him this early or make him wait until at least 7am when the family gets up?

Your puppy needs to eat at least 4x’s a day and witholding food for 12 hrs can make him go into Hypoglycemic shock..This is when the blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels and he goes into seizures..Please feed your puppy for now at 5am when wakes and then gradulayy you can start moving it to 7am.He should get fed every 4 hrs 1/4 cup if he’s a small breed and 1/2 c for a larger breed.He will get on your schedule soon enough and he is’nt going to dominate you if he gets fed like this..
Been a trainer and owner for 42 yrs..

Taking a long weekend vacation is not really something I’d recommend for your first few days with a new puppy. If the breeder won’t keep her an extra few days or a week, then you should choose to either skip the vacation or get a puppy later, when you have no vacations planned for at least a month. The puppy needs time to get accustomed to a fairly consistent routine: to pick her up, take her from the only home she’s known, and go traveling with her for three or four days before you take her to her new home is not fair to this puppy. I’ve driven a puppy home from an out-of-state breeder: with a night spent at a motel, but the puppy was crated some of the time, and we spent most of the time caring for the puppy and watching over her and making sure she was handling the trip alright (no problem), not traveling as tourists or visiting family/friends: and it was a two-day trip. Not trying to bash: but if you overdue the changes in the puppy’s environment and routine during these first few months of her life, it could affect her social development, and not for the better. You’ve mentioned that your family moves around a lot due to your husband’s job – are you sure that you want to take on a dog? I hope the situation works out for the best for the puppy.

This puppy is hungry. Contrary to what other owners are telling you, you cannot expect an 8 week old to go that long without food. This is why he is waking up so early. At this age he should be having 4 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, tea and supper. His last meal should be one hour before you settle him down for the night so he has plenty in his stomach to last him until morning.
When my puppies are 8 weeks old they always have their last meal at 10 p.m. A good regime would be:- Breakfast 7 a.m. Lunch 1 p.m. Tea 5 p.m. and Supper 10 p.m.

When the puppy is 3 months old you can then drop the teatime meal and just give him breakfast, lunch and bring the supper meal back to 7 p.m.

At 6 months old he can go down to two meals a day – breakfast 7 a.m. and Supper between 5 and 6 p.m. or whichever time to suit your own schedule.

If you let your dog decide when it’s time for him to eat, he will think he is the pack leader, and not you. That will lead to a whole myriad of problems.

Firstly, you are doing right by not giving your dog food or water after 7pm. It will reduce his need to go overnight, and over the next few weeks, you should work on cutting down the times you take him out while the family sleeps until you don’t have to at all.

Make sure you get that basic obedience training in as a puppy, and establish boundaries. But it sounds like you are doing great! Keep it up!

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After I started training my dog, he became very attached to me and loves to stay by side as long as he can. But just going to them won’t help. You have to practice what they teach you outside of the class and you need to keep up with it at least every now and then after the class ends otherwise they’ll just go back to previous habits. This course is a really good place to go for dog obedience classes. It get’s your dog around other people and dogs to socialize while getting the training you need. As for electric collars, I would say to not get one. In my experience, they’re only a negative effect on your dog. I mean of course you’re going to need to correct your dog, but being positive and encouraging your dog works a lot faster and easier.

Every dog is different, so unless you have a german shepherd or a really smart dog, it might take a while to train her. You might get frustrated with her, but go easy. She’s still a puppy and has a lot of energy. A backyard or somewhere to run will help her get rid of a lot of energy that might cause her to misbehave from boredom.

Your puppy is trying to train you to feed him early. If you start doing this he will wake you up at that time for the rest of his life. Instead, when he does that, cuddle him and take him back to bed, then, ignore him. He might start barking, whining, etc. to try and get your attention. Tell him to be quiet, then don’t pay him any mind. If he stops when you tell him to, praise him but don’t feed him until his breakfast time no matter what.

we went through the same thing with ours twice a night for 3 months we quit feeding him at 6 in the evening but in the mornings i have to leave to work at 6:30 so i would feed him about 5:45 so i could take him out before i left i would wait until every one is up to feed him they are habit forming my ridge back never every morning what time it was to eat at 7 weeks old i would much rather be up eveery day at seven than 5 to feed him once he can hold it through the night its only rough for the first 3- 6 months then the real fun begins

dont let your puppy train YOU. dont get up every time it whimpers…. wait it out…. this is how a puppy learns to hold it during the night. start a schedule to take her to go potty. a dogs natural instinct is to not go potty where they sleep (specifically in their &quot:den&quot: which is what the crate is mimicking)…. so when you take her out at certain times in the night, say at 10pm,1am,4am, and 7am, their bodies begin to learn to hold it until then. eventually, when the puppy gets a little older, they will learn to hold it throughout the night.

i would wait to feed the puppy until 7…. just keep in mind they do need to be fed more frequently than dogs….but there is no reason a puppy needs to wake up at 1 in the morning to eat. she will be fine. just try to RESIST the puppy eyes… i know i know… but try to resist them or she will end up being a 10 year old dog that still wakes you up at 1am to be fed…. bad habits start early…. so start training and obedience early too… very important.

Why not just place him back in his crate? I NEVER let such a young pup have the freedom of the house without supervision.

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