Why does my 3 year old dog pee inside?

My 3 year old dog who we thought was housebroken has suddenly started peeing inside again. Its mainly in one room and he also likes to lift his leg on things. He is neutered so thats not the issue, we got a new dog about a year ago and i think the older one might be jealous? Apart from the messes hes a good dog so please help me and no stupid answers!!

Could be a dominance/territory issue or he may be experiencing a bladder infection.

My dog used to do that Alot! I started by cleaning the area that he was going on with a strong cleaning agent to discurrage the area. Then i would start walking him more often. Try walking them both at the same time, it does seem he might be jealous of the new comer. To much water is another thing – after 7pm no more water. I would give him water three times a day (depending on the wheather of course) if its too hot a little more will do. But after water time – about 1 hour later …. outside we would go for a walk. Good luck!

Are you helpful this is pee? it may desire to be some form of discharge, extraordinarily if it does not scent. perchance you may provide your vet a call and ask. There could be some thing bodily incorrect with your doggie. good success.

Has anything in your home changed, like someone came to stay.. or moved in, moved out?
Has one of your neighbours got a new dog.. he might smell it and be marking for that reason.?

It is worth taking him to the vet, just to check and see if he has anything wrong or not.

When you clean up the mess, please don’t use bleach or anything with ammonia in it.. as he will be attracted to the smell of ammonia and keep marking.
Use vinegar+ bicarbonate of soda and some water. It cleans, disinfects, and removes the smell.

well some dogs take a very long time to potty train some dogs never really learn sometimes if you spend a lot of time trying to potty train your dog or another idea would to use pupppy pad that you lay on the floor.

He might feel threatened by the new dog and thinks he has to &quot:mark&quot: his space. He also just might need to go outside more.

He probably has not yet adjusted to his new roommate, and is trying to establish himself as top dog again.
You would do well to feed him first, before the newcomer get’s his bowl, treat him first, before the new one, etc.

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