Why are Christians so quick to judge others and not themselves often?

They tell others they will go to hell for sinning while they themselves sin. Are they saying don’t do as I do? I know I sin and wish I was stronger, but screw up often. The first Christian without sin, let me shake his or her hand!

It’s sad but many Christians think just calling themselves that makes them pure,and worthy to judge others. They forget judgment belongs to God alone. None of us are perfect,and you won’t find a Christian without sin.

You’re such a liar.

Christians do not run around and tell everyone that they’re going to Hell, while they give themselves a free pass to sin.

Your perspective is completely warped. We proclaim The Gospel like Jesus told us to. &quot:Gospel&quot: means &quot:good news&quot: and the good news is that Jesus came to save us from the penalty of our sins. What usually happens after we share this information is that people either think they are without sin, or they think they aren’t that bad. When we tell them what The Bible says about it, we’re accused of being judgmental.

I have heard that said but it isn’t what I have experienced. On the whole I find Christians mostly concerned for the people around them and quite willing to get involved in making this a better world… which seems a little odd as they really are only passing through on their way somewhere far better.

This world is not my home, I am just a passin through… If heaven’s not my home, then Lord what am I to do?

A. It is a commandment not to sin (1 John 2:1)(KJV). You are still yet an unconverted believer. Come and build a stronger faith:

“The righteous follow the conviction of grace, not guilt. This is justification.” (John 3:17)
“The righteous cleave to their king. For hope is His name.”

True Conversion vs. False Conversion: http://faiththeology.org/http:/faiththeology.org/true-conversion-vs-false-conversion/

“And (as my) image he knows the word like (no) other creature.” 2 Enoch 30:10: http://www.youtube.com/user/ApostleEricV#p/a/u/1/7ZSNQHYEHL0

What we were Created for: Baptism of Light:


Come into Covenant with God

Covenant Faith part 1
Covenant faith part 2

You can’t blame them for judging everyone else, because these people obviously can’t think rationally because if they could they would know that they’re beliefs are all in vein because God doesn’t exist, and if he does he’s not the type of God that they feel he is.

i dont judge people for sinning but sometimes i will talk to someone about something they do that’s maybe a sin and is bad for them or other people..it’s just me trying to help them..and sometimes the things i talk about are also things i do myself so usually when conversations like this come up its with people i care about and we try to encourage each other to do better.

ed f has just described the reason i might bring things up with other people.

Christianity isn’t about being perfect.
It’s about the imitation of Christ.
To you this looks like hypocrisy: when people are telling you,&quot: you are going to hell, &quot:
it sounds like hypocrisy to me also.
In truth, we all need forgiveness.
There is only one who is holy.

Jesus did tell us not to judge others since we need to judge our self. We can not help ourselves by looking at other people’s problems. In fact he even said that if we see problems in others, it is probably because we have the very same problem in our self.

were not judging others but telling them what god says of sin and its consequences and how it leads to hell

god describes the sins and their consequences

christians are cleansed from sin by their salvation in god and they are forgiven

god tells us to judge

KJV: John 7:24. Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

We all deserve death, which is the ultimate penalty for sin. Everyone will pay for their sin unless…

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