From Very Happy to Unhappy How You Feel If John McCain Wins on November 4 Yr 2008?

Any links about John McCain wil be appreciated.

I will be extremely unhappy if McCain wins.

I will move to Europe if John McCain wins the election.

Very Happy, because there won’t be a socialist in the white house. Long live the Constitutional Republic our forefathers created.

Yuk.. miserably unhappy
Also thinking of moving to Australia


edit: To the &quot:patriotic American&quot: above who will move to Europe if she doesn’t get her way….I will help pay for your ticket. This country was founded on a two party system that (despite voter fraud and all of Obama’s illegal alien voters) generally works in that the majority rules. If you don’t understand the American system or appreciate the American Dream, there are many other countries for which you can choose.

However, as someone who works in Europe, I can tell you that &quot:it ain’t like they show on TV&quot:

why is it that only democrats threaten to leave the country if a republican wins,and then they dont follow through with it?one can only hope.im not gonna be happy unless whoever gets elected rights this ship.

My head won’t fall off but I will be disapointed and frightened about Palin but I’ll live

I would be proud to know that Americans do not want the &quot:changes&quot: that Obama wants to impose!

happy we don’t need a socialist like Obama

Relieved that Obama didn’t win.

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