are belkin wireless router good ?

i wanted to know if this belkin wireless router is any good or should i stick with a linksys router


yes i use belkin. its the best ive ever used.

Could be a number of issues: If you are on cable and did not really have to configure the wireless router, I would reset your router (should be a small pin hole somewhere on back or bottom, usually held about 10 seconds) and see if you can get back online. If you are on dsl that requires a username and password for pppoe authentication, you need to find out if your dsl modem or now your router make that login. If you dsl modem does, reset your router (like above). Otherwise, there is something going on with the laptop wireless drivers, make sure the drivers are installed for it. You can try going into your Network Connections and right click the wireless adapter and disable and then re-enable it (XP) or right click and run a Diagnostic on it (Vista).

Yes, Belkin wireless routers are very good. That is the only brand we install for our clients.

You want the N1. If you want all the bells and whistles, invest in the N1 with the LCD screens, but not really necessary.

The N1 is easy to set up, and easy to use. And, if you know how, you can configure it to allow for access to your computer from an outside location.

This is the model we recommend most often.

greatest router on the market, they blow linksys out of the water there is no comparison. belkin will get you the best connection and a reasonably priced

Yes, Linksys and Belkin are two name brand companies. They are both good and efficient.

i have a belkin router and it is pretty good!!! not bad at all…u will hardly have to call for complaints or anything…..maybe 3 in ur life but thatts because ur just getting used to the product….its really good

use linksys router since it’s a name brand

Oh yea thats an awsome router!

I use the Belin N+MIMO and get excellent coverage. I can almost go to the curb of my front yard.

yes. belkin for the win. it neverrrr breaks.

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