Should a 14 year old go trick or treating?

With their friends? Like a group in a neighborhood area. I’m not asking If it’s safe or not, I’m asking what you think about an older kid dressing up and going for fun. Just because some parents think their teens are too old for it.

There’s no age limit. I’m 19, I still go. It’s not like the people at the doors are going to be like, &quot:Oh, you’re too old. No candy for you&quot:
And there’s no age limit to who can celebrate a holiday! I mean think about it, would it be okay to say, &quot:Only 12 year olds can celebrate and get presents on Christmas.&quot:
But, if you think it might be childish, you can try throwing a Halloween party. Or going to one. They’re always fun. (:

In my opinion, you are too old to trick-or-treat when you turn 13. When you turn 13, you are officially a teenager, and no longer a child. You may still like trick-or-treating, but you aren’t as animated and enthusiastic as you used to be. The people who give out candy do so mainly because they like watching the cute/funny kids. Trick-or-Treating seems a lot more like begging when it’s done by young adults who could just as easily go buy their own candy.

The good news is that you can still have lots of halloween fun. There are the haunted attractions you were too young to go to before, and there are also parties and many horror movies to watch. Also, you can still take your younger brothers or sisters out trick-or-treating and dress up with them as long as you hang back while they get their candy. One of the most fun things you can now do is to give out candy to the younger generation from home. If you dress up and set up your porch or garage really cool the kids will love it.

Probably better off introducing new ideas to the kid like- you’re getting older and some things are not socially acceptable…doesn’t mean you’re stripping his childhood away early..maybe introduce some responsibility to him that he now gets that is positive, like an allowance or an increase in existing allowance and mention you can buy candy if ya want but your in that age bracket now where you get new opportunities that weren’t available when you were 13….bottom line is you needed a way to deliver that without it seeming like a negative thing, the fact you asked on here tells me you know he’s too old-just find a way to make it a positive experience-if he still thinks santa exists get a therapist.

If you want to you should do it! People shouldn’t tell you that you’re too old to have fun! So happy Trick or Treating!

i think its perfectly normal. and if you and your friends want to go in a group more power to you. im older than you and i still go trick or treating.

Just one thing .. Better to go in the early evening. Later on, some folks are intimidated by tall people coming to the door in a &quot:disguise&quot:

I’m 18 and i still go trick or treating.
Age is a state of mind.

im 12 i go! mycousins 16 and she goes with her friends every year i go cuz i LUV candy and its fun to fell lik a little kid again!!

it is fine i get kids older than that as long as it is good clean fun no problem

your never too old to go trick or treating(:

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