Does anybody know where i could buy a DSi?? 10 points best answer!!!?

i have looked at ebay, amazon, kmart, best buy, sears, and target, but the best deal i can find online was one at walmart, you get a game with your DSi for $99
i guess what my question is is DOES ANYBODY KNOW OF ANY OTHER ONLINE STORES WHERE I CAN GET A DSi??? thanks 🙂

Dear Katie,

I think you have found a pretty good deal on that Dsi. I remember when i got mine it was $120 (not including game)

You could also try gamestop… ive been there before and i have found pretty awesome deals. And also, you can get used ones that look brand new for just like $80! Also, this store is only video games, and those electronic gadgets, so you could find more various DSi’s there. heres the website: http://www.gamestop.com/

Maybe try zellers… im not exactly sure if they have them, but you would get about 50% off on it if there is because they are closing in 2013. heres the website: http://www.zellers.com/

You could also try Toys R Us… I was looking and they are $99 like walmart too, though toys r us is having huge sales for the holidays 🙂 Here is there website: http://www.toysrus.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2268849 &lt:- that page has the dsi’s.

Also, you could probably try tons of stores and find huge sales, mostly because of the holidays.

Hope i Helped! 🙂

Star 🙂

Well the Dsi manufacturer they have a website www.nintendo.com/ds

Try Craigslist. They usualy have good deals.

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